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Top NBA Players All-time, Not Named Michael Jordan

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There is never a dull moment in the NBA community when it comes to debating who the greatest players have been. Until recently, no one had a definitive explanation. The greatest NBA players of all time will be profiled in this article.

According to ESPN’s statistics, Michael Jordan is the best basketball player of all time. In addition, there are several talented basketball players out there.

Lebron James

It’s safe to say that Lebron James is one of the greatest NBA players ever.

Two NBA championship rings and the NBA Finals MVP award have been presented to Lebron James, who played for Miami Heat in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. One of the biggest NBA players ever, LeBron James, has an unquestionable knack for scoring goals.

Lebron James has astonished fans and inspired everyone to pursue their aspirations. Lebron James helped the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers win several titles. The superb basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan, is often compared to LeBron James.

Lebron James is also a well-known charity volunteer and community leader with his money and football skills. As a player and a person, it has made James one of the most revered NBA players.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

As one of the most known scorers in NBA history, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stands out. He was almost always among the top ten scorers in the NBA Playoffs.

In his 20-year career, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar appeared in 17 games for Milwaukee and Los Angeles. At the end of his 13-year career, he was a six-time NBA champion and a two-time NBA Finals MVP. A 10-time All-NBA First Team selection, Jabbar is the all-time leading scorer with 5,762 points. In 1974, he had his greatest performance against the Bucks. He had 515 points after 16 games at the time. In the playoffs, Abdul-Jabbar led the team in both rebounds and blocks on defense.

Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson is among the best in NBA history as a basketball point guard. As part of the “Showtime” group that helped the Los Angeles Lakers win NBA titles in the 1980s, point guards were crucial to the team’s success.

The best example of the adage that “talent does not wait for age” may be seen in Magic Johnson. In his first appearance season in the NBA, he became a household name. The NBA great has won five championships, three-season MVP honors, and three Finals MVP awards. The future Hall of Famer averaged 19.5 points per game, 11.2 assists, and 7.2 boards in 906 games spanning 13 seasons for his entire career.

Kobe Bryant

In the annals of the NBA, Kobe Bryant stands alone as a legend. He is the best of the best NBA players ever.

In his 19 years in the NBA, Kobe Bryant appeared in 17 postseasons, all with the Los Angeles Lakers. In 220 playoff games, he scored a total of 5,640 points. With the Los Angeles Lakers, Kobe Bryant was named NBA Finals MVP in 2009 and 2010.

Bryant led the playoffs in 2009 with 695 points, the most in the series’ history. He scored 25.6 points per game on average throughout his career. Against the Washington Wizards in the 2006 playoffs, Bryant produced one of his greatest performances ever. When he played only 52 minutes in the sixth game, he tallied 50 points.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird won two NBA Finals MVP awards and three NBA championships with the Boston Celtics. Boston Celtics picked him as the 6th overall choice in the 1978 NBA draft. Many Celtics supporters consider him one of the best players in history. In the 1986 All-Star game, Bird successfully defended his three-point shooting crown.

The “Dream Team” of the 1992 Olympics included Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson. Basketball legends Bird and Magic Johnson won gold for the United States.

Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt Chamberlain laid the groundwork for today’s NBA superstars to follow in his footsteps. During his time in college, he didn’t have many chances to flaunt his talents. Wilt Chamberlain was an integral part of the fabled Harlem Globetrotters for a year. Wilt Chamberlain ruled the NBA at its height, standing at a perfect 2.1 meters tall. He still remain the player ever to score more than 100 points each game. He is also the NBA’s all-time leading scorer with 30,000 points. Yes, Wilt Chamberlain is a basketball icon, and no one can deny that.

Bill Russell

The Boston Celtics’ 1960s dominance was built on Bill Russell. When it came to blocking, he was uncannily good. A defensive player started basketball’s new defensive competition. Bill Russell had a storied career as a five-time MVP and a 12-time All-Star. In total, he’s pulled down 21,620 rebounds throughout his career. In a typical game, a team will get 22.5 rebounds. Russell’s one-on-one battles are very challenging for his opponents. As a result, it is also the secret to the Celtics’ success.

There was a lot of concern among the teams that met with Bill Russell about the throw being “blocked.” Bill Russell’s swift counter-attack tactic was vital in the team’s victory in this game. When a squad is attempting to assault, the number 6 jersey of the Boston Celtics serves as a scary fixation. Why? Because Russell will cut the 90% likelihood of scoring to 50%.

Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan spent 19 seasons with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA. He won five NBA titles and was a member of the All-Defensive team. Only five NBA players have scored more than 25,000 points and grabbed 15,000 rebounds, and Tim Duncan is one of them. His salary ranks as one of the NBA’s highest-earning players. Is Tim Duncan worth spending for? The reward is well worth the effort. For the San Antonio Spurs, he has had a significant impact. NBA and international basketball have been greatly influenced by power forwards.


The players mentioned above are the best in the history of the sport. Every game is a fresh opportunity for the younger generation to make their name. No matter how long it takes, we’ll never forget one of the most revered basketball figures.

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