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Are Bosh and Wade Taking Massive Pay Cuts for Heat?

dwadeChris Bosh’s and Dwyane Wade’s free-agency excursions just got a helluva lot more interesting.

Well that, or there’s a lot of bullshit flying around these parts, which, admittedly, isn’t unusual this time of year

Both Bosh and Wade were slated to earn over $20 million next season, but after they opted out of their contracts, it’s expected they’ll take less to allow Miami Heat president Pat Riley the opportunity to retool.’s Brian Windhorst says he was hearing just that:

Wait, but that would mean….yes, John Canzano of The Oregonian points out exactly what it means:

Something smells funny here. Truth told, Wade might be worth somewhere between $10-12 million annually, what with his knees flaring up every other second. But Bosh is still a healthy star. His numbers don’t always show it, and we’ve seen what happens when he’s the No. 2 option surrounded by absolutely no depth, but he’s worth far more than $11 million. His house, per HoopsHype, is actually worth more than that. So, yeah. What gives?

This rumor, apparently.

CBS Sports’ Ken Berger and Bleacher Report’s Ethan Skolnick are thinking along different lines:

Throw’s David Aldridge into their company too:

Now this makes sense.

There’s no doubt that Bosh and Wade are expected to accept less money. LeBron James carried the Heat too much this past season—way too much for a team that supposedly boasts three superstars. The Heat are going to need help if they want to keep this crazy train rolling, mainly because Wade cannot be Wade anymore. Not in the sense that you can hope for him to play every night and perform at a high level when he does. The ability is there; the everyday availability is not.

But taking pay cuts that toe the line of $10 million per year? I’m not buying it. I can’t. Not right now. Perhaps it winds up being true, but that’s awful steep and, frankly, un-freaking-heard of. Especially for Bosh, a star still in his prime and not notorious for physical ailments.

For what it’s worth, Mr. Canzano also has LeBron signing a weird deal himself:

That’s some Michael Jordan ish right there. A one- or two-year deal? Come on now. Wouldn’t he have just opted in for 2014-15 if that was his plan?

Maybe not. Opting out gave Riles more flexibility, and it also allows James to sign for a max salary over the next one or two seasons. It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility. But it is farfetched.

It’s incredibly unlikely that Wade and Bosh would commit to long-term pay cuts if they don’t know how long James wants to stick around. If he has the option to escape next summer, the Heat should be very afraid. No championship, no ‘Bron. It could be that simple.

It won’t be, for the record. Let’s clear that up now. These scenarios are unrealistic at best.

Crazier things have happened, but let’s not parlay that into Bosh and Wade working for peanuts and vats of Riley’s homemade hair gel just yet.

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