Monday 24th June 2024,
The Hoop Doctors

Mark Cuban: Lakers Will Never Be the Lakers Again

cuban-and-bussNow that Phil Jackson is officially with the Knicks, let the Lakers euologizing begin. Fans of the team are in mourning over Phil’s decision, as if a return to the organization was imminent. It wasn’t.

We are entering a new era of Lakers basketball. One that probably will not be filled with winning in the near future. Kobe has a million NBA miles on his body and he’s hurt and the roster is in shambles.

According to many, including Mark Cuban, the Lakeshow will never be the same. Primarily because of Phil and Dr. Buss.

“Jerry Buss was the Lakers, so I don’t know if the Lakers will ever be the Lakers,” Cuban said prior to the Mavs’ 94-89 win over Boston on Monday. “I don’t think there was a smarter owner in the history of the NBA than Jerry Buss, so that’s tough to replace.

“I don’t think people realize just how good of an owner Jerry was. I looked up to him a lot. Absolutely. So I don’t know if the Lakers will ever be the Lakers.”


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