Monday 24th June 2024,
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Chauncey Billups Considering Retirement

billupsutChauncey Billups has had an interesting career. He began as a journeyman before coming a star player. But as he career has winded down, he has become a journeyman again, with a team where he earned his name: Detroit.

Billups is reportedly considering retirement, considering the fact that the he recently had knee surgery and the Pistons aren’t going anywhere. If this is it, he had a very good run.

“It all kind of depends how this feels and how things are with the knee,” he said.  “If the knee is fine, then sure, absolutely, I would like to come back.  If it’s not, I don’t want to come back and do this.  It’s tough to do this, especially on a team when we’re not a winning team at this stage.”

Billups said he hopes to return but he has to “just kind of see.”

“I’m not gonna rush back.  I do just want to get it better.  But I hope so,” he said, when asked if the objective is to return this year.

H/T: MLive

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