Sunday 23rd June 2024,
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Bucks to Buyout Caron Butler, Expected to Sign With Heat

Caron-Butler-captainNext on the list of this buyout frenzy appears to be Caron Butler and the Milwaukee Bucks. This should happen very soon and when it does, the Heat may have interest reportedly. Butler spent the early years of his career in Miami and would be a nice addition off the bench. For the past few years, one of Miami’s woes has been bench production and they’ve answered that recently.

Danny Granger, 30, acquired by Philadelphia, reportedly wants a buyout so he can sign with the Heat or a Western Conference contender, and Caron Butler, 33, also will welcome Heat overtures if he gets a buyout from Milwaukee, as many expect. (It’s too early to tell if Granger will get the buyout.)

So who would be better for Miami? Heat players would clearly prefer Butler; he and Dwyane Wade are close from their days as Heat teammates, and Granger irritated the Heat’s stars by getting in their faces after fouls in the 2012 playoffs. At the time, LeBron James called Granger’s conduct “stupid.”

H/T: Miami Herald

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