Sunday 09th May 2021,
The Hoop Doctors

Pistons Giving High-Tech Swag to Season Ticket Holders

We are living in a brand new world people! NBA teams regularly offer perks and incentives for fans who buy season’s ticket packages. In fact it is nothing new to receive free or discounted merchandise from the team stores with season’s tickets. But what isn’t the norm is the combination of merchandise, electronics, and concession discounts that the Detroit Pistons are giving away next season to their season’s ticket holders.

All of the above comes in the form of a team jacket, embedded with a microchip, in order to identify the season’s ticket holders to grant them discounts on food, beverage, and merchandise at games. How cool is that?

Members at both levels will also receive a one-of-a-kind authentic on-court Pistons team jacket. Using advanced-microchip technology embedded in the sleeve, ticket holders can use the jacket at all games to receive 20% off food and beverage items and 30% off merchandise purchased at The Palace.

Maybe they can also outfit the jacket with a microchip enabled computer with a mini screen so you can surf the web, watch game replays, and monitor stats? Then maybe they could strap a chiller for a mini-keg of beer on the back of the jacket? Wishful thinking.

[Source CBS Local – Detroit]

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