Friday 01st March 2024,
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NBA Card of the Week: Kobe Bryant is the Second Coming of Reggie Miller

Like Paul Walker struggling to zombie through his lines in a RomCom, this NBA card from 2000 is just too hilarious to overlook. This card was printed after the 2000 NBA Finals, and gives note that Kobe helped to win Game 4 of the Finals that year with 8 points in overtime. Miller, playing on the other side of the ball that year against Kobe, Shaq and Phil Jackson, inevitably lost. The similarities are stacking up already.

The card backtracks on it’s frontal comparison by stating “…Bryant is more of an open-court sensation, and Miller is a pure shooter…” Nevermind the fact that Miller’s elbow seems way farther out that his shooting percentage would claim, Topps decided to make a bold statement and end the argument over the Kobe/Reggie comparison once and for all:

“…like Reggie, Kobie is becoming prolific at the line, shooting .821 last season.”

See? The Kobe/Reggie comparison is now rock solid. Just like Chris Dudley and Shaquille O’Neal are exactly alike because they both shot around 50% for their career from the charity stripe.

The newest edition to The Hoop Doctors writing staff, Dane Carbaugh is the editor and lead writer of the popular new basketball blog A Young Sabonis. Dane is a published research author and also writes for Dime Magazine and the ESPN TrueHoop Affiliate Portland Roundball Society. He can be found on Twitter at @DaneCarbaugh

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