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Kobe Bryant Punches Iguodala Where the Sun Don’t Shine [Video]

March 1, 2010 – Dr. Dime

Kobe Bryant is a crafty defender. That means he will try and get away with the extra little bumps, scratches, pulls, and the odd time even punches when the referee isn’t looking. I used to hate playing against defenders like Kobe Bryant, because they get inside your head and annoy you when you are trying to concentrate on scoring buckets. Kobe knows this as well, remember Dahntay Jones last year in the playoffs?

After Friday’s matchup between the Lakers and Sixers, no one knows this about Kobe Bryant more than Andre Iguodala. Kobe pulled out all the stops in trying to distract the Sixers top scorer, including this play where he clearly punches Iguodala right in the balls and then looks around like “who me?”. Classic defensive move Kobe. Next up pulling of the leg hair…

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