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Allen Iverson Tweets About Wanting To Play in Memphis

August 28, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

I know I know I know. We told you all last week that Allen Iverson would be signing with the Charlotte Bobcats this week. But sometimes these things don’t always pan out right away. I guess that’s why they call them rumors, and once he signs we will call it fact.

Latest interesting twist for Iverson fans in the Allen Iverson offseason from hell, is his latest twitter account updates concerning the Memphis Grizzlies. A few days ago he tweeted that Memphis had made him an offer to play for them. Then Memphis confirmed it was true. And as of late yesterday, Iverson was tweeting that ‘Memphis is a place he would love to play’. So stay tuned folks, the Iverson free agency is not over yet, but it looks like he may just be headed to Memphis after all. Unless this is an elaborate ploy in the negotiations with Charlotte….

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