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Shaquille O’Neal Hangs Out with 7’4″ Tall 12-Year Old

Anklesnap May 9, 2009 Blogs 48 Comments
May 9, 2009 – Dr. Browntorious

Can you imagine how difficult life would be for you if you were 7’4″ tall? Now imagine you are 7’4″ tall and you are only 12 years old! Well that is the case for 12-year old Brenden Adams who was recently featured on the Oprah Winfrey show. Brenden has a terribly hard time finding clothes and often is the subject of long stares from people when he walks around in public.

Well Oprah enlisted the help of her superstar basketball playing friend Shaquille O’Neal to fulfill Brenden’s dream of meeting his favorite celebrity. At 7’2″ tall and 350lbs, Shaq is no stranger to sticking out like a sore thumb in a crowd (especially with his tiny girlfriend Nikki Alexander), and was happy to hang out with Brenden for a couple days. Shaq even brought Brenden to his personal tailor to get fitted for some new threads.

Shaquille O’Neal is a real class act, and I have a lot of respect for the big fella for making Brenden Adams dreams come true….Enjoy the video (sorry audio is dubbed over, but the original was taken off of YouTube):

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  • karsten

    i go to school with brendon he is really cool

    • hanifa siraj

      Are you serious that must be cool

    • Fuck you

      You people are so fucking stupid…

      • hddragracer

        takes one to know one

  • Mark

    Man, that is so awesome! Shaq’s a great guy

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  • T Dot O

    once again shaq shows us he is a big guy with a big heart .. how many NBA players you know are like this ?

  • MADTurnIP

    Does that kid have Marfan’s Syndrome? Tall, arachnoidism (big hands and feet on long limbs), high arched pallet and heart problems? Same thing Michael Phelps has.

    • jdemfg

      He has the features of someone with Marfan’s. I have a couple of friends that had it. The heart is a real problem for them. Two of them have passed away.

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  • Cassie Classy

    Hey that is some true love for a person. This is what life is about making other people happy and feel special

    • Hanifa Siraj


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  • Joseph

    I think your right with the marfans syndrome, seeing as how he severely squints his eyes but he looks like a nice kid

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  • Ethan Lewis

    We can only wish that more people follow in Shaq’s footsteps. He has really made a dream come true for my cousin Brenden. Our whole family is grateful for his kindness. The man really has class!

    • Hanifa Siraj

      ow he is your cousin?

  • master resale right

    god damn that kid looks sofa king retarded

    • Gabrielle Tollerson

      ass hole you are ..go to hell. he does NOT. go learb respect. youre the RETARD.. God bless this kid. :( and i wish i could meet a person with as much kindness as Shaq. God bless Shaq too

    • Hanifa Siraj

      Ass hole you are so stupid and retarded you’re the one that is retarded and disrespectful what is you were like that and someone said that to you. Shaq is a really nice person unlike you and I don’t think you’ll ever be nice.

    • shlebbernator

      Hey guys, stop using retard as a derogatory term to describe each other’s stupidity. You are all just doing the same thing the original, uneducated ignoramus did when he posted that comment that go your panties all in a twist. He had no right to say that, but he was also obviously looking for a reaction (trolling…), and you all just made yourselves look like jackasses feeding into it. And to Brenden, I am totally jealous you got to meet THE SHAQ!!! You are one lucky kid :D

    • Martin Bogar

      yeah, this retarded kid has just about same IQ as you.

  • linkz me

    …………An 18 wheeler without 18 wheels.

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  • Michelle

    This 12 year old boy is so AMAZING!!! Shaq was so blessed to meet Brenden. I bet one day Brendan will be meeting up with kids who are also tall, and showing them what great achievements can be made. :). As for ppl that post negative comments, they are just insecure ppl in there own skin… Seriously !!

  • The Truth

    So Shaq does aomething nice once in a while,and that makes up for all the other douchebaggery he does on the regular ? I think not.
    Shaq is still a Big Douche.


    Shaq is very generous and considerate with his fans.

  • xrumer services

    Some guys like that just gotta stand tall and tough it through the hard times.

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  • Jennessaryan

    Omg that kid is super tall, has he ever been tested for Marfans syndrome??

    • Siegfriedandhemroid

      Yeah he should be tested for Martians syndrome! What if he is a Martian..he kind of looks like a mix between a bug and a daddy longlegs spider

  • Gabrielle Tollerson

    People REALLY need to learn to get to know someone first without making a stupid ass rude judgemental comment. shouldnt do that at ALL. LEARN RESPECT

  • Jimi

    I’m guessing he will have some serious health problems if he doesn’t stop growing. Best wishes Brendan

  • stowthrones

    Dr. ONeal (Ed. D) is definitely a class act.

  • hddragracer

    somethin’ weird about that tall kid. He’s tall yea. But he is also something else

  • blackroseMD1

    Shaq is a really awesome guy.

  • ObserverMI

    Way to go Shaq, appreciate the class.

  • EverAlwaysRealLife

    Feel bad for the kid, 7 foot 4 and only 12 years old, life expectancy will be probably be around 30 if he keeps growing

  • dick head

    if your that tall hard to get laid. no bitch can ever f u. lawl no pussi for him

  • blackbeagle

    I could have seen this without the obnoxiously loud music in the background. Good story never the less.

    • Anklesnap

      Sorry, only video we have access to. Others were removed from the web.

  • Allen Carter

    That is very cool of Oprah and Shaq, have a great life young man.

  • christina

    He’s like a giant heart of passion and love