Friday 19th April 2019,
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Bryan Colangelo Resigns as 76ers GM

Bryan Colangelo Resigns as 76ers GM

Bryan Colangelo

The juicy drama that has been Bryan Colangelo and the burner Twitter accounts over the past week has led to Colangelo tendering his resignation as general manager of the 76ers.

For a quick background, The Ringer published a report last week on the suspicious connection between Colangelo and five burner Twitter accounts that criticized other NBA executives and released medical information about players.

The accounts criticized multiple 76ers decisions and Colangelo’s wife, Barbara Bottini, admitted to operating the accounts and busting the biggest and most bizarre scandal in the NBA in quite some time.

Here is the statement Colangelo released about the resignation and the situation:

Man he is really throwing his wife under the bus here, I don’t buy that she went rogue for all of this and that he didn’t share any of this information with her, the reality is Colangelo is not fully accepting the responsibility for his actions and his reputation in the NBA is likely ruined.

So what does this mean for the 76ers? Talk about a dream job opening for a general manager. As unrealistic as this is, I feel like Sam Hinkie deserves to get this job back as he is the one that sparked and built “The Process” and changed the way teams try to rebuild while doing it (for better or worse).

Just one more layer of intrigue to a fast approaching off-season that will be full of it.

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