Thursday 17th January 2019,
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Stephen Curry Rates NBA Arena Popcorn (Seriously): 76ers Have Worst, Heat Have Best

Stephen Curry Rates NBA Arena Popcorn (Seriously): 76ers Have Worst, Heat Have Best

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has the hottest popcorn takes.

During an appearance on ESPN’s new morning show Get Up, the two-time MVP/resident popcorn expert told Jalen Rose that the Philadelphia 76ers serve the worst version of the snack, while the Miami Heat offer the best. Here’s a snippet of the conversation and Curry’s evaluations, courtesy of For The Win’s Nick Schwartz:

Curry: “When I go through the NBA season, you go to all… I guess 28 other arenas that we play in, I have my own popcorn power rankings.”

Rose: “Please let us know! Who’s got the best, who’s got the worst?”

Curry: “The best, right now, is probably Miami. It always comes fresh and hot, salty, a little bit of butter.

The worst is probably…. Ooh, that’s a good question. Probably Philly right now? And that’s no knock on the city or The Process or anything.

Curry goes on to suggest that he should come out with the Association’s definitive power rankings for arena popcorn. He probably won’t, but on the off chance he did, we would all absolutely read and/or watch it.

After all, who among us doesn’t want to go behind the scenes and know which teams are syncing up with arenas that serve the best game-time snack? This isn’t some fan just talking. This is Stephen Curry, one of the greatest basketball players in the world and foremost authorities on small kernels exploded by high amounts of heat. He’s been in the league for nearly a decade. He’s sampled a lot of popcorn. He knows what he’s talking about. And we also know he’s remaining objective on the matter, because he didn’t name Oracle Arena as the premier home of this concession favorite.

Oh, and while he may not realize it, Curry could have just destroyed the Philadelphia 76ers’ push to recruit LeBron James this summer. He, too, is a popcorn enthusiast and obviously cannot play anywhere that doesn’t align said passion with superior taste.

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