Thursday 20th June 2024,
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Kevin Durant to Opt Out, Restructure Deal With Warriors

kevin durant

Kevin Durant will be a free agent this summer… not really though.

According to a report from Chris Haynes of ESPN, Durant is going to opt out of his deal in order to restructure his contract this summer.

“A nine-time All-Star and the reigning NBA Finals MVP, Durant will be turning down a salary of $26.2 million, a figure well below that for a player of his caliber, in order to restructure a new deal with the Warriors, sources said.

It has yet to be decided what contractual route Durant will take, sources say, but there are no real incentives — for himself or for the team — to take such a drastic reduction in pay this time around.”

Kevin Durant has won a title and gave the team a discount this off-season, I get the feeling he wants to cash in and earn what he is worth with the Warriors going forward, which will make it a little more difficult for them to be able to re-sign Klay Thompson to a new deal next summer.

The Warriors will likely be above the luxury tax range of $130 million with Durant’s deal and the other nine contracts they currently have on the books for 2018-19, and that is before filling out the roster with five more players.

Durant is a former MVP and is a reigning NBA Finals MVP and he wants to be paid like one.

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