Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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Nuggets, Grizzlies Changing Look

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As if there wasn’t enough widespread change across the NBA this season with the league’s transition to Nike as the major apparel sponsor, a few teams are going to mix up their look for the 2018-19 season.

One of these changes is extremely minor and honestly to my untrained eye looks pretty identical, the Grizzlies are altering their logo and changing their color scheme to incorporate gray and only two shades of blue instead of the current three:

The addition of the gray outline of the logo is a subtle but positive change in my opinion and if they work in some gray trim or outlining on their uniforms I think it would mesh nicely with the brighter blue and yellow. Still a very minor change though, nothing too earth shattering.

The Nuggets meanwhile are going back to the past with their new color scheme for next season, not the era you would think (or prefer) though…

All of the updated logos and color schemes are courtesy of Conrad Burry of SportsLogos.Net and he even shared a mock up of what the new uniforms of the Nuggets could look like next season…

I don’t understand the desire to go back to a forgettable era of Nuggets basketball and branding (the only memorable moment was Dikembe laying on the ground with the basketball after the 8th seeded Nuggets upset the No. 1 seeded Sonics in the 1st round of the 1994 NBA Playoffs), but it appears that this is where we are headed.

I actually like the Nuggets current color scheme and would have been on board with going back to the highly unique rainbow style of the 1980s, but this feels like a downgrade.

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