Tuesday 22nd January 2019,
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McCollum Drops 50 in 3 Quarters

McCollum Drops 50 in 3 Quarters


C.J. McCollum was in the zone last night.

The Blazers shooting guard was on fire from the start, with an incredible 1st quarter that included 28 points and 11-for-18 shooting…

He outscored the Bulls 28-19 in the 1st quarter.

He finished his special night with an incredible 50 points in three quarters on 18-for-25 shooting in the Blazers 124-108 victory over the Chicago Bulls.

Check out his shot chart here:

He literally made two-thirds of his shot attempts from any distance on the floor except that pesky right corner.

McCollum becomes the 2nd player in NBA history to have 50 points in only three quarters of action, joining Klay Thompson. He also joins James Harden (from a couple nights ago) as the 2nd player this season to score 50 points through three quarters of a game:

Could this be the result of another angry guy thinking he was slighted for an All-Star berth? I doubt it, McCollum just had the magic touch last night, but if it were snub related, can every player just always have something to piss them off before a game?

The NBA should just have a weekly ranking system for its top 100 players or every player in the league to piss off those who think they should be higher and motivate them to annihilate each other, the drama would be incredible.

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