Saturday 15th December 2018,
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Nikola Mirotic Trade Talks Between Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz are ‘Getting Serious’

Nikola Mirotic Trade Talks Between Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz are ‘Getting Serious’

Nikola Mirotic

Nikola Mirotic doesn’t seem like he’ll be a member of the Chicago Bulls much longer.’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported earlier this week that two sides are still fixing for a divorce, and that the 26-year-old forward held the Utah Jazz in special regard. Well, the Jazz apparently feel the same way. They’ve spoken to the Bulls about a possible Mirotic deal, and according to Tony Jones of the Salt Lake Tribune, talks are getting pretty serious:

The Salt Lake Tribune has confirmed that Utah is engaged in talks with the Chicago Bulls on a deal that would bring power forward Nikola Mirotic to Utah. Jazz forward Derrick Favors has been discussed as a potential piece that would go to Chicago, according to multiple sources.

Other reports Tuesday suggest the Bulls want a first round pick ascompensation for Mirotic, something they have inquired the Jazz about.

Nothing is done on either side, but talks are past the preliminary stage and getting serious. first reported Utah’s interest in Mirotic on Monday.

 It’ll be interesting to see what this deal ends up looking like should it go through. Dangling Derrick Favors makes sense from the Jazz’s perspective, even if they believe he’s the superior player. He’s redundant next to a healthy Rudy Gobert, and the team has been destroyed whenever those two share the floor, per Plus, he’s good as gone if they let him reach free agency.
Figuring out the additive compensation is more difficult. Swapping Mirotic, who cannot be traded until Jan. 15, for Favors straight-up doesn’t jibe with the Bulls’ rebuilding window. They’ll likely need a protected first-round pick. And though the Jazz could put wonky protections on said selection—say, top-16 protection this year and next before it becomes two second-rounders—they have to decide whether they’re willing to fork over picks at all when it doesn’t seem they have an imminent path out of mediocrity.

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