Thursday 18th October 2018,
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Mirza Teletovic Out With Blockages in Lungs

Mirza Teletovic Out With Blockages in Lungs


It has been a rough few months for Mirza Teletovic and it just got worse.

While team doctors were examining Teletovic during his recovery from arthroscopic surgery to repair cartilage in his knee, pulmonary embolisms were discovered in both of Teletovic’s lungs.

This essentially is a result a blood clotting, usually from the legs and as we have learned with the career of Chris Bosh, are very serious and could prevent Teletovic from being able to return to the court.

The information was posted on the Bucks official website along with this statement:

“Following a 10-day rest period, Teletovic will begin his supervised rehabilitation program and updates on his condition will be provided when appropriate.”

This is the second time he has been diagnosed with blood clotting in his NBA career, the first being with the Brooklyn Nets in 2014, and one can only hope he is able to get the treatment plan to stop the clotting and resume his NBA career.

He has only appeared in 10 games for the Bucks this season, averaging 7.0 points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.0 assists in 15.9 minutes per game.

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