Wednesday 21st November 2018,
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Enes Kanter Trolls LeBron James Again After Knicks Win Over Miami…This Time with an ‘Arthur’ Gif

Enes Kanter Trolls LeBron James Again After Knicks Win Over Miami…This Time with an ‘Arthur’ Gif

Enes Kanter

Remember how we said to know better than to expect the LeBron James-Enes Kanter beef to fade off into the sunset, or at least until the Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks meet again in April?

Well, this is us, basking in the told-you-so waters.

One night after trolling LeBron for his first career ejection, Kanter tweeted out an Arthur gif following the Knicks’ victory over the Miami Heat:

If nothing else, you have to respect Kanter’s commitment. He’s going to great lengths to make sure James doesn’t forget about him. And now he’s trespassing on sacred ground.

This isn’t him going nose-to-nose with James because he complimented Dennis Smith Jr. at the expense of Frank Ntilikina and then exchanged stares with New York’s rookie soon after. Nor is this him informing James that Kristaps Porzingis is actually the king of New York. This isn’t even him mocking James’ first career ejection, which proved to be a touchy subject, even though the Cavaliers won.

No, this is Kanter, walking all over Cleveland’s Arthur inner circle. James started the team off with his infamous “Mood…” post on Instagram that included the Arthur fist meme. The Cavaliers’ ties to the cartoon aardvark have only grown from there, with many of James’ teammates joining in on the fun, usually when they’re feeling themselves after a victory.

Kanter, then, may have finally crossed a line. This may be the troll job that incites a vengeful response from James. He’s about to turn 33, so he could be above such mind games, but we’re hoping he isn’t.

And, hey, LeBron: If you’re looking for a nifty response to Kanter’s latest, might I suggest miming yourself breaking your hand after punching a chair? That, or maybe you can shave your neck beard and grow a creepy mustache that makes you look like a manager for a back-alley nightclub no one patrons.

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