Tuesday 25th September 2018,
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Warriors “Don’t Fear” Russell Westbrook Due to His Playing Style

Warriors “Don’t Fear” Russell Westbrook Due to His Playing Style


Go ahead and add some gas to the fire that is the simmering rivalry that is the Golden State Warriors vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder were no match for the Warriors last season after Kevin Durant switched sides, but with the addition of Paul George and Carmelo Anthony this summer, the Thunder are viewed as one of the biggest threats to the Warriors supremacy.

The Warriors don’t see it that way…

ESPN’s Zach Lowe said in his podcast The Lowe Post, that the Warriors “Don’t fear” Russell Westbrook and that his style of play “is so easy to defend, it’s like cake to them.”

While adding any more fuel to Russell Westbrook’s fire may not be the best idea, the Warriors shouldn’t fear anybody and Westbrook’s ball-dominant hero ball play of last season may look amazing in the box score, but gives them zero chance to test this Warriors team in a series.

The Thunder’s stars will have to learn how to sacrifice and compliment one another and Westbrook will need to do his best to put his new star teammates in positions to succeed and maximize their production and effort, rather than do everything himself.

Can Westbrook defer and play effectively alongside two stars after being the guy last season? Will Carmelo Anthony focus more of the defensive end and being a bit more of a catch-and-shoot guy? Will Paul George be engaged on defense if he has stretches where he is not getting many shots? There are a lot of questions in OKC, but if they are able to find their groove together this season they will be the biggest challenge to the Warriors supremacy more than likely, whether the Warriors fear them or not.

The world needs a second or third round playoff series between these two this postseason.

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