Monday 23rd July 2018,
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Carmelo Confident He Will Be Traded by Monday

Carmelo Confident He Will Be Traded by Monday


The Carmelo Anthony trade drama has seemingly been going on since the beginning of time. At this point it is opaquely clear that the organization and Anthony are headed in different directions and need to part ways. They have been separated for at least a year now and it is time to finalize their divorce.

Despite the fact that training camp is less than a week away and the trade chatter surrounding Anthony has been silent for some time now, he is apparently still optimistic (cautiously) that he will be dealt by Monday.

Here is Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

“Anthony’s camp is cautiously optimistic that a deal will be struck before Monday, and trying not to think about the potential media circus that will take place if Carmelo is still with the Knicks.”

The Rockets are clearly his desired destination and they would love to acquire Carmelo, but until they find a taker for Ryan Anderson’s contract (three more years and $60 million…yikes) there is zero chance that a deal can be worked out.

At this point it seems Carmelo needs to cave in and waive his no-trade clause (Phil Jackson is still haunting the Knicks) and allow a trade to virtually any destination that can work a trade out, like Portland for instance.

I have one slightly crazy and risky trade scenario that actually makes a lot of sense for both teams…

The Cavaliers seem more likely than not to be able to acquire Dwayne Wade after he is bought out and this gives them the opportunity to get out from under three questionable contracts, acquire a difference maker in Anthony and take a chance on Noah staying healthy enough to be the rim protector they need.

The Knicks meanwhile get a young big that pairs nicely with Porzingis in Thompson and get out from under their horrific Noah contract.

It won’t happen but a man can dream and utilize the NBA Trade Machine.

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