Monday 23rd July 2018,
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Randolph Charged With Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Sell

Randolph Charged With Possession of Marijuana With Intent to Sell


Zach Randolph is a guy that was known for having a questionable reputation in his earlier days in the NBA in Portland and New York before going to Memphis and turning his career around.

Now that Randolph is no longer the heart and soul of the Grit and Grind Grizzlies and now a member of the highly dysfunctional Sacramento Kings organization, it appears some of his demons have returned.

Randolph was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

Here is the report from TMZ:

“LAPD officers were called to the Nickerson Gardens area in L.A. around 10 PM — and when they arrived, cops found a large crowd of people smoking, playing loud music and blocking the roadway.

Three people were detained — including Randolph, who was eventually arrested for possession of marijuana with intent to sell. We’re told the “intent to sell” part was due to the large amount of weed found.

After the arrests, we’re told things got crazy — the crowd became unruly and LAPD had to call for backup.

We’re told 6 cop cars were vandalized — tires slashed and windows busted — and cops formed a battle line to restore order.

In the end, cops recovered 2 guns, drugs, a significant amount of cash and 2 vehicles were impounded — though it’s unclear if any of those things belonged to Randolph.”

Sounds like a pretty turnt up Wednesday night as the kids say (do they still say turnt?). According to the report it mostly appears that Randolph was merely in the presence of large amounts of marijuana and there seems to be little in the way of proof (or anything that likely could hold up in court) that he was actually intending to sell any marijuana.

This isn’t the first time Randolph has been involved with the law or a marijuana charge. He was implicated as an Indianapolis drug kingpin in 2010 but charges were dropped, as they were in 2011 when he was accused of involvement in the beating and robbery of a marijuana dealer.

Randolph will likely be fined and could even face a suspension if charges aren’t dropped. Apparently you can take Randolph out of the hustle and flow of Memphis, but you can’t take the hustle and flow out of Randolph.

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