Wednesday 24th July 2024,
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Silver: Seattle on Short List for Expansion Franchises


There hasn’t been a NBA game played in the city of Seattle since April 14, 2008. That was over nine years ago and it’s a complete shame for the league as Seattle has always had a passionate and rabid fan base. As we all know the franchise moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder. The sting was much worse considering the Sonics drafted their potential savior in Kevin Durant the year before.

While there are no imminent plans for an NBA expansion at this time, but with the unprecedented success and popularity of the league, it is only a matter of time before the NBA is a 32 team league much like the NFL.

Who should absolutely be the next city to get an NBA team? Seattle.

Adam Silver agrees and said as much in an interview with the Players Tribune and Blazers Shooting Guard C.J. McCollum…

There are still a lot of things that need to fall in place for the NBA to return to Seattle, first and foremost a new arena, but it feels like the Sonics will be back within the next decade. That is just a personal hunch.

The NBA belongs in Seattle, let’s make this happen. Bring back the Sonics, add an expansion team in Las Vegas and move the Memphis Grizzlies to the eastern conference (they are east of the Mississippi, unlike New Orleans) and have eight new four-team divisions and the NBA would be perfect in my view.

Here’s to dreaming of the green and yellow of the Sonics permeating the NBA landscape once again.

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