Monday 22nd April 2024,
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Miami Heat Have ‘Zero Indication’ LeBron James Would Be Interested in Returning as Free Agent

LeBron James

Now that the race for LeBron James’ affections is once again on the come-up, it’s only right we wonder whether he’d consider returning to the Miami Heat. I mean, he left Cleveland for Miami only to rejoin the Cavaliers four years later. By that math, he’s due for a Heatles reunion in 2018 when he enters free agency.

Or something.

Whatever becomes of LeBron’s foray onto the open market next summer—the Cavaliers have every reason to be worried about him leaving—the Heat aren’t bracing themselves for his consideration, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

LeBron James’ Instagram posts Saturday might raise hopes among some Heat fans of a James return, but the Heat does not believe James has serious interest in returning, with the thought that he will stay in Cleveland or go to the Lakers.

Again, the Heat has been given zero indication that LeBron James – a free agent next summer – would have interest in coming back and isn’t expecting that.

Smart move here by the Heat. No team is going to plan as if LeBron is coming, but they are smart to be among those who don’t hold out hope for a meeting of any kind. LeBron already left them once, and all their buffers are gone—i.e. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

Unless the Heat are planning to clear cap space to re-sign Wade and make a run at Carmelo Anthony, any pitch they might make to James in 2018 will ring hollow.

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