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Every NBA Team’s Ideal Off-Season

  • NBA free agency is underway as of midnight Friday night and the proliferation of rumors and player movement has already been in full swing for seemingly weeks now.

    As a fun exercise, I have decided to breakdown the dream scenario for every NBA team this off-season considering where they are as a franchise and what direction they’re heading in.

    A few disclaimers here, these are at least somewhat realistic scenarios, I am not going to write that LeBron James decides he wants to be the ultimate hispter and demands a trade to Brooklyn. Also, these scenarios are in a vacuum, and written before any signings, including George to OKC, translation: many teams end up with Paul George.

    So without further ado, here the dream 2017 off-season scenarios for every NBA team…

  • The Hawks are a tough one as with the trading of Kyle Korver in January and Dwight Howard days before the NBA Draft, it appears they are finally deciding to blow it up and not hover in the middle of the NBA hierarchy.

    Paul Millsap is an unrestricted free agent and would command a $200 million contract from Atlanta to stay, which at the age of 32 and the Hawks current situation as a franchise makes little sense. The Hawks ideal scenario is to construct a sign-and-trade for Millsap in order to move in a different direction officially and get some value in return.

    Double Sign-And-Trade: Mason Plumlee, Malik Beasley and a lottery protected 2018 1st round pick

    The Hawks then gain a bunch of cap flexibility and a few young assets to build around along with a starter in Mason Plumlee and a likely 1st round pick.

    Free Agency:
    Re-Sign Mike Muscala
    Re-Sign Tim Hardaway Jr.

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG: Schroeder
    SG: Hardaway Jr
    SF: Prince
    PF: Bazemore
    C: Mason Plumlee

    Bench: Bellinelli, Muscala, Plumlee, Bembry

    (Sounds like a top 7 pick to me…)

  • This one is pretty obvious, the Celtics have essentially laid out their ideal off-season, it includes landing Gordon Hayward and Paul George, so let’s make it happen and improve upon it…

    Trade: Jae Crowder, Terry Rozier, Tyler Zeller and 2018 Los Angeles Lakers pick for Paul George

    Trade: 2019 Sacramento Kings 1st Round pick and Guerschon Yabusele for Willie Cauley-Stein

    Free Agency:

    Sign Gordon Hayward

    In this scenario, the Celtics land the big fish in free agency in Gordon Hayward, are able to win the PG-13 sweepstakes without giving up the Brooklyn pick in 2018 and land a young rim-protecting center they sorely need by cashing in another valuable 1st round pick and a young talent.

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    SG Hayward
    SF: George
    PF: Horford
    C: Cauley-Stein

    Bench: Bradley, Brown, Tatum, Smart, Jerebko

  • The Nets are finally at least starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as their horrific trade with the Celtics that has left the franchise in ruin (along with other bad decisions) will finally pass after the 2018 NBA Draft. They have acquired a potential young star in D’Angelo Russell and a center of the future in the draft in former Texas center Jarrett Allen.

    Now the course of action is to add a little veteran leadership and continue rehabbing their roster.

    Free Agency:

    Sign J.J Reddick
    Sign Danilo Gallinari
    Sign Tony Snell

    This makes the Brooklyn Nets an exponentially better shooting and offensive team right away and maybe even lifts them into the playoff conversation in the east.

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG: Russell
    SG: J.J. Reddick
    SF: Snell
    PF: Gallinari
    C: Mozgov

    Bench: Booker, Lin, Hollis-Jefferson, Allen, Kilpatrick

  • The Hornets in my opinion at least, got a lot better in the last week as they got a steal at No. 11 in the draft with a great talent in Malik Monk and acquired a still borderline (in my opinion) elite center in Dwight Howard to anchor what was already a really good defense with no semblance of a rim protector. In all reality, this team is already locked in for the 2017-18 season at this point.

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Walker
    SF: Batum
    PF: Zeller
    C: Howard

    Bench: Monk, Kidd-Gilcrist, Williams, Kaminsky

  • Wade CHI

    The Bulls are basically blowing it up at this point after trading Jimmy Butler and need to head fully in the youth movement, now by buying out Dwyane Wade and stretching out his salary on their cap the next few years. They should try and continue to build their young team but also start setting up the bottoming out for the future.

    Free Agency:

    Sign Jonathan Simmons

    The Bulls can add an athletic player who can defend and get up and down the floor and on the break like Simmons and let their youth ride out this season while saving some of their money.

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG: Dunn
    SG: LaVine
    SF: Simmons
    PF: Markkanen
    C: Lopez

    Bench: Valentine, Portis, Payne, Zipser

  • A lot has happened since the Cavaliers went 12-1 heading into the NBA Finals as defending champions. They were outclassed and beaten by a nightmarish Warriors team, their general manager David Griffin was let go, rumors have swirled of LeBron bolting for LA in 2018 and apparently Kyrie Irving was almost dealt. Whoa.

    The Cavs still have the best player in the world and one of the world’s best scorers in Irving and plenty of veteran experience, they just need a little retooling.

    Trade: Kevin Love to Denver, 2018 1st round pick (from Denver), Malik Beasley, Trey Lyles to Indiana and Paul George to Cleveland

    Free Agency:

    Buyout for Carmelo Anthony in New York and he signs with Cleveland

    Sign P.J. Tucker for mid-level exception

    Re-Sign Kyle Korver

    Re-Sign Andrew bogut

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG: Irving
    SG: George
    SF: LeBron
    PF: Carmelo
    C: Thompson

    Bench: Smith, Shumpert, Frye, Tucker, Korver, Bogut

  • The Mavericks will have plenty of space and apparently want to get back into the playoff chase with a re-invigorated Dirk Nowitzki. Outside of re-signing Nerlens Noel, what can they do to become a playoff team again in 2017-18? Add more athleticism and scoring punch.

    They won’t be able to swing for the fences for a big time free agent, but they can acquire some talent and depth that makes sense.

    Trade: Dallas trades Seth Curry and Dwight Powell for Ricky Rubio

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Nerlens Noel
    Sign Johnathan Simmons
    Sign Omri Casspi

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG: Rubio
    SG: Matthews
    SF: Barnes
    PF: Dirk
    C: Noel

    Bench: Smith, Simmons, Casspi, Len, Anderson

  • The Denver Nuggets are tired of being an overlooked team without any star power or splashy moves. They want a guy who can step in alongside budding superstar Nikola Jokic and lead the Nuggets back to the playoffs. Let’s make it happen.

    Trade: Atlanta signs and trades Paul Millsap for Kenneth Faried, Malik Beasley and Trey Lyles

    Trade: Phoenix Trades Eric Bledsoe for Emmanuel Mudiay and unprotected 1st round pick in 2018


    Aron Baynes

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG Bledsoe
    SG Harris
    SF Chandler
    PF Millsap
    C Jokic

    Bench: Murray, Barton, Nelson, Baynes

  • The Pistons are in a very odd position this off-season as a team that has a roster that doesn’t fit well with almost no cap flexibility and the need to re-sign their starting two-guard that could put them in the luxury tax. Not good. They need to clear cap space and accumulate assets

    Trade: Andre Drummond to Phoenix for Tyson Chandler, Suns 2018 top-three protected draft pick

    Trade: Tobias Harris to Brooklyn for Trevor Booker, 2018 2nd round pick

    Trade: Reggie Jackson for Kenneth Faried

    Free Agency:

    Re-sign Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

    Sign Trey Burke

    In summary the Pistons shed $23 million in salary and shed virtually all long-term salary while acquiring likely a second 1st round pick in 2018.

    Rotation for 2017-18:

    PG: Smith
    SG: Caldwell-Pope
    SF: Kennard
    PF: Faried
    C: Chandler

    Bench: Johnson, Burke, Leuer, Ellenson

  • The Warriors are already the best team ever built and added a perfect rim protector and athlete in Jordan Bell in the draft. All they need to do is re-sign their own talent and maybe replace JaVale McGee.

    Free Agency:

    Re-sign Kevin Durant
    Re-Sign Steph Curry
    Re-Sign: Andre Iguodala
    Re-Sign: Shaun Livingston
    Re-Sign: Zaza Pachulia
    Sign: Dewayne Dedmon
    Sign: Vince Carter

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Curry
    SG: Thompson
    SF: Durant
    PF: Green
    C: Dedmon

    Bench: Iguodala, Livingston, Clark, Bell, Carter, McCaw

  • pg13

    The Rockets have already made a earth shattering move by acquiring Chris Paul to pair with James Harden. Now they just need star No. 3.

    Trade: Eric Gordon, 2020 1st Round Pick (Unprotected) for Paul George

    Trade: Ryan Anderson, 2022 1st Round Pick (Unprotected) for Jahlil Okafor

    Free Agency:

    Sign Kelly Olynk
    Sign Ramon Sessions
    Sign Vince Carter

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Paul
    SG: Harden
    SF: George
    PF: Ariza
    C: Capela

    Bench: Olynk, Okafor, Carter, Sessions, Brooks

  • The writing is on the wall, Paul George is leaving Indiana. As tough as a pill as that is to swallow, the Pacers need to take their medicine and trade him as soon as possible to jump start a rebuild.

    Trade: Paul George for Avery Bradley, Guerschon Yabusuele and Brooklyn’s 1st round pick in 2018

    Sign-and-Trade: Jeff Teague to Minnesota for Tyus Jones

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign C.J. Miles

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Jones
    SG: Bradley
    SF: Miles
    PF: Young
    C: Turner

    Rotation: Ellis, Leaf, Yabusuele

  • Lob City is finally over with Chris Paul’s departure, and J.J. Reddick appears to be gone. The Clippers would like to stay relevant instead of blowing it all up.

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Blake Griffin
    Sign Joe Ingles
    Re-Sign Mareese Speights

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Beverley
    SG: Lou Williams
    SF: Joe Ingles
    PF: Blake Griffin
    C: DeAndre Jordan

    Bench: Crawford, Rivers, Decker, Speights

  • pg

    The Lonzo era is upon us in Tinseltown and the Lakers are dreaming of a not too distant future of Lonzo leading the break with Paul George filling the lane or flaring out.

    Trade: Julius Randle, Jordan Clarkson and 2019 1st round pick (lottery protected) for Paul George

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Nick Young

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Ball
    SG: George
    SF Ingram
    PF: Nance Jr
    C: Lopez

    Bench: Young, Kuzma, Brewer, Zubac, Ennis

  • The Grizzlies have absolutely zero flexibility to be able to change their roster too much this summer as they are locked into huge contracts for Mike Conley, Marc Gasol and (gulp) Chandler Parsons.

    They might as well bring back their grit and grind alumnus and as always, look for a shooter.

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Zach Randolph
    Re-Sign Tony Allen
    Sign Gerald Green

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Conley
    SG: Allen
    SF: Parsons
    PF: Randolph
    C: Gasol

    Bench Green, Daniels, Ennis, Baldwin

  • GordonHayward_Jazz_23-660x400

    The Heat are back to their wining and dining ways this off-season as they are trying to sell their improving team and life on South Beach to top free agents.

    Free agency:

    Sign Gordon Hayward
    Re-Sign James Johnson
    Re-Sign Willie Reed

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Dragic
    SG: Hayward
    SF: Winslow
    PF: Johnson
    C: Whiteside

    Bench: Johnson, Richardson, Ellington, Reed

  • img src=”” alt=”” width=”640″ height=”360″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-168981″ />

    The Bucks are on the cusp of something special, time to go for it…

    Trade: Jabari Parker and John Henson for DeAndre Jordan and Sam Dekker

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Tony Snell

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Greek Freak
    SG: Middleton
    SF: Snell
    PF: Maker
    C: Jordan

    Bench: Dellavedova, Brogdon, Wilson, Monroe, Dekker

  • The T’Wolves already made their big move by acquiring a superstar in Jimmy Butler to pair with Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins. They need more shooting.

    Trade: Clippers trade Patrick Beverley for Ricky Rubio

    Free Agency:

    Sign Kyle Korver
    Re-sign Muhammad
    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Beverley
    SG: Butler
    SF: Wiggins
    PF: Towns
    C: Dieng

    Bench: Korver, Jones, Patton, Muhammad, Bieljca

  • jrue

    The Pelicans need to do whatever they can to keep their two superstar big men happy and build the perfect team around them.

    Trade: Omer Asik, E’Twuan Moore and 2021 1st Round pick to Philadelphia for 2019 2nd round pick

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Jrue Holiday
    Sign Justin Holiday
    Sign C.J. Miles

    They dump $18 million in salary and give up an unprotected 1st round pick in order to clear space to add C.J. Miles and Justin Holiday in addition to re-signing Jrue.

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Jrue Holiday
    SG: Miles
    SF: Hill
    PF: Davis
    C: Cousins

    Bench: Pondexter, Cunningham, Holiday, Jackson

  • The Knicks are always in a constant state of flux, but have made the right decision in firing Phil Jackson. I mean, he put Kristaps Porzingis on the trading block! They need to get value for Melo and add a point guard.

    Trade: Carmelo Anthony for Kevin Love

    Trade: Courtney Lee and 2018 2nd round pick for Ricky Rubio

    Free Agency:

    Re-sign Justin Holiday
    Sign Bojan Bogdanovic
    Sign Gerald Green


    PG: Rubio
    SG: Holiday
    SF: Bogdanovic
    PF: Love
    C: Porzingis

    Bench: Noah, Hernangomez, Ntilkina, Green

  • JJ

    The Thunder have little to no cap flexibility and they need shooters to surround Westbrook.

    Sign-And-Trade: J.J. Reddick and Lou Williams for Victor Oladipo and Alex Abrines

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Andre Roberson

    Re-Sign Taj Gibson

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Westbrook
    SG: Reddick
    SF: Roberson
    PF: Sabonis
    C: Adams

    Bench: Kanter, Williams, McDermott, Gibson

  • The Magic sorely need a roster reconstruction as they are too front court heavy with not enough shooting or ball handlers

    Trade: Bismack Biyombo for Brandon Knight and 2018 2nd round pick

    Free agency:

    Sign Patty Mills

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Payton
    SG: Knight
    SF: Fournier
    PF: Gordon
    C: Vucevic

    Bench: Ross, Mills, Isaac, Hezonja

  • The Process has finally paid off and the 76ers may have a super trio to build on for the next decade in Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz. They now need to add a little shooting and veteran leadership

    Free Agency:

    Sign J.J. Reddick

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Fultz
    SG: Reddick
    SF: Simmons
    PF: Covington
    C: Embiid

    Bench: Saric, Okafor, Stauskus, McConnell

  • The Suns are at a bit of crossroads as they can continue their youth movement or try and make a big splash and improve in 2017-18.

    Trade: Tyson Chandler, Brandon Knight and 2018 1st round pick (unprotected) for Andre Drummond

    Free Agency:

    Re-sign Alan Williams

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Bledsoe
    SG: Booker
    SF: Jackson
    PF: Chriss
    C: Drummond

    Bench: Warren, Ulis, Bender, Barbosa, Williams

  • The Blazers quickly turned a promising and unexpected 2015-16 season into some misguided free agency decisions in 2016 and now have a middling team that is over the salary cap. Getting Zach Collins in the draft was nice, but this team does not have enough defenders or any cap flexibility.

    Trade: C.J. McCollum for Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder and 2019 Sacarmento Kings 1st Round Pick

    They save some money and become a better defensive team instantly, at the cost of trading their young scoring shooting guard.

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Lillard
    SG: Bradley
    SF: Crowder
    PF: Aminu
    C: Nurkic

    Bench: Crabbe, Harkless, Collins, Swanigan

  • The Kings finally filed for a divorce from what was an ugly marriage with DeMarcus Cousins, and now there seems to be a new feeling of hope in a rabid basketball city that has not seen success since the days of Chris Webber and Mike Bibby.

    Free Agency:

    Sign restricted free agent Otto Porter to max contract that the Wizards don’t match
    Sign restricted free agent Nikola Mirotic (Bulls don’t match)

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Fox
    SG: Hield
    SF: Porter
    PF: Mirotic
    C: Cauley-Stein

    Bench: Jackson, LaBissiere, Temple, Giles

  • The Spurs need a little more length and athleticism across the roster to be able to compete with the Warriors.

    Trade: LaMarcus Aldridge and Dejounte Murray for Paul George
    Trade: Danny Green to Philly for Richaun Holmes

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Pau Gasol (for cheap)
    Sign George Hill
    Re-Sign Jonathan Simmons
    Re-Sign Manu Ginobili
    Sign Andrew Bogut

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Hill
    SG: George
    SF: Leonard
    PF: Gasol
    C: Holmes

    Bench: Parker, Ginobili, Simmons, Bogut, Anderson

  • The Raptors have come to a fork in the road this off-season, a team perennial 50 win team that can’t get to the NBA Finals that must decide if it wants to be completely committed to its core financially for years and ride it out, or retool.

    Double Sign-and-Trade: Serge Ibaka and 2018 1st Round pick for Paul Millsap

    Trade: Jonas Valanciunas for Tyson Chandler

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Kyle Lowry
    Sign Omri Casspi

    The Raptors played better when they had a rim protector that didn’t need touches in Bismack Biyombo, Tyson Chandler can fill that role amicably for a team going all in for the next couple seasons.

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Lowry
    SG: DeRozan
    SF: Powell
    PF: Millsap
    C: Chandler

    Bench: Joseph, Carroll, Casspi, Nogueira

  • GordonHayward_Jazz_23-660x400

    There is one real thing that can make the Utah Jazz off-season ideal in 2017-18: re-signing Gordon Hayward.

    Trade: Alec Burks and 2018 1st round pick to Kings for 2018 2nd Round Pick

    Trade: Derrick Favors to Brooklyn for Sean Kilpatrick, 2018 2nd Round Pick

    Free Agency:

    Re-Sign Gordon Hayward
    Re-Sign George Hill
    Sign Kelly Olynk
    Re-Sign Joe Ingles

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Hill
    SG: Hayward
    SF: Hood
    PF: Olynk
    C: Gobert

    Bench: Johnson, Ingles, Diaw, Mitchell

  • The Wizards could easily be stuck in a position this off-season where they have three massive contracts, zero cap flexibility and are not quite good enough to accomplish any more than maybe an eastern conference finals. They need another star.

    Sign-And-Trade: Otto Porter and 2018 1st Round Pick for Paul George

    Free Agency:

    Sign Vince Carter

    2017-18 Rotation:

    PG: Wall
    SG: Beal
    SF: George
    PF: Morris
    C: Gortat

    Bench: Oubre, Frazier, Mahinmi, Carter

Every NBA Team’s Ideal Off-Season


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