Saturday 23rd March 2019,
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Isaiah Thomas Thinks ‘It’s a Joke’ that Draymond Green Called Kelly Olynyk a Dirty Player

Isaiah Thomas Thinks ‘It’s a Joke’ that Draymond Green Called Kelly Olynyk a Dirty Player

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Don’t worry, Kelly Olynyk. Isaiah Thomas has your back.

The scuffle between Olynyk and Kelly Oubre Jr. in Game 3 between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards has drawn a lot of scrutiny. Oubre was suspended for Game 4 after charging Olynyk following what the former deemed a dirty screen. And because of Olynyk’s controversial history in these matters—i.e. injuring Kevin Love’s shoulder during the 2015 postseason—he’s drawn the ire of outsiders for his actions.

One of these outsiders is Draymond Green, who deemed Olynyk a dirty player on his Dray Day podcastper the Sporting News’ Jordan Heck:

This take makes Thomas laugh, per’s Chris Forsberg:

I mean, he makes an interesting point. Green’s past is littered with, um, questionable, um, happy, um, accidents. Or whatever he wants to call them.

As Bleacher Report’s Andy Bailey illustrated:

Green and Olynyk can both be dirty, and Green can consider Olynyk a dirty player. Both these things can be true.

Personally, I don’t view either as exceptionally dirty. Green’s run-ins with the rulebook are magnified because he plays for the Golden State Warriors, and there are guys other than Olynyk who interlock arms with their opponents and set moving screens.

For Green to say that he doesn’t respect Kelly Olynyk, though, is kind of weird. There’s no proof Olynyk plays with deliberate malice. The same goes for Green. Olynyk isn’t a dirty player just because he injured Love, and Green isn’t the cleanest player just because his antics haven’t resulted in serious injury or mid-game brawls.

So yeah, coming from Green, of all people, this sentiment is hysterical.

Laugh away, IT.

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