Thursday 21st June 2018,
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Fan Sends Dirk Nowitzki Potato With Dirk’s Picture On It…

Fan Sends Dirk Nowitzki Potato With Dirk’s Picture On It…


NBA fans are a passionate breed, some of which live and die with the successes and failures of their favorite NBA teams or NBA stars and these days you can slap an NBA logo on anything and many companies do. Current NBA legend and mayor of Dallas Dirk Nowitzki received fan mail on Wednesday. This may have taken the cake (or potato) in terms of bizarre fan mail.

Dirk received his very own potato with his picture on it, no I am not joking.

Please take in all of its spudsy glory…

I am honestly not sure how such a thing is possible or how the image looks so high-quality, but apparently reverence for a legend of Dirk’s stature will motivate you to explore new frontiers in potato art.

One can only hope that Dirk will display this special delivery in the trophy room in his mansion right next to the other most important awards or gifts he has ever received, including the NBA Regular Season MVP and NBA Finals MVP trophies he has.

The only possible way this idea could be any greater is if an adoring fan would send Spud Webb a special potato with his picture on it, that is a world I want to live in.

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