Sunday 24th June 2018,
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Brandon Jennings Takes Shot at Knicks

Brandon Jennings Takes Shot at Knicks

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It must be a humbling experience to be waived in the middle of an NBA season. No buyout. Just paid to go away. That was the situation with Brandon Jennings last week. Phil Jackson had apparently seen enough, and must’ve figured that Jennings’ $5 million salary doesn’t hurt the bottom line enough to fight over it.

But Jennings has landed in a nice place. The Wizards are 33-13 since December 1st, which is good enough for best in the East since that time. Brandon still has a lot left in the tank and is probably one of the better backup PGs in the whole league.

Naturally, when a team pays you to go away, you don’t have fond memories of that experience. Read between the lines on Jennings’ comments about playing in Washington vs. New York:

“I’m in the same position I was in New York, but just in a better system for me personally and with a team that actually plays together.”

H/T: csn mid-atlantic

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