Tuesday 19th June 2018,
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Draymond Green Dissaproves of Paul Pierce’s Farewell Tour

Draymond Green Dissaproves of Paul Pierce’s Farewell Tour

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It’s no secret that Draymond Green is one of the most brash in your face and let’s be honest, reviled players in the NBA with his trash talking, attitude and propensity to kick people in the groin.

Draymond was just being Draymond again Thursday night as the Warriors battled the Clippers in Oakland. In addition to kicking Blake Griffin while battling for a loose ball, this time in the side instead of the groin, he also decided to rain on Paul Pierce’s farewell parade.

Here is the “accidental” kick to Griffin in the 1st quarter…

Here he is shouting out to the Clippers bench and trash talking to Paul Pierce approximately 41 seconds into the game…

As you can hear, pretty clearly, Draymond tells Pierce to “Quit chasing that farewell tour… they don’t love you like that. What you thought you was Kobe?”

Ah yes, leave it to Draymond to come out of the gate ready and willing to disrespect a legend as he sits on the bench. Keep doing you Draymond.

While Pierce hasn’t quite amassed the resume of the Black Mamba, an NBA title, an NBA Finals MVP, 10 All-Star appearances and status as one of the top 20 scorers of NBA history warrants some form of a farewell tour if he desires.

Here’s to hoping we get that Warriors-Clippers playoff match-up we have been patiently awaiting the past few seasons.

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