Wednesday 24th January 2018,
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McGrady Said He Would Not Have Clashed With Shaq the Way Kobe Did

Newly retired Tracy McGrady is making more headlines now than he has during has final few years in the NBA. McGrady may slide into the hall of fame, but his career could’ve ended differently if he played with a dominant center. Like, say, Shaq.

In a recent radio interview, McGrady compared how his career would’ve ended up to that of Kobe if T-Mac played with Shaq. Reading between the lines here, it almost sounds like there’s some bad blood between McGrady and Kobe.

 “Numbers don’t lie. I was in the conversation of being one of the best in the league,’ McGrady said on Wednesday. ‘Whether I was better than Kobe, or he was better than me … I was in the conversation and it didn’t matter at the time. I was playing at a high level and was very confident when I was on the court. ‘We would have had a great run,’ he said when asked about Shaq.

‘I don’t know how many (championships we would’ve won) but, I know it would have never ended like it did with he and Kobe. I have a great relationship with Shaq. We would have never clashed heads like that. Two Alpha dogs going at there will always be (something going on).’

H/T: FoxSports

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    He’s a joke! LOL. 5 rings.. HOF.
    He’ll be lucky if he’s inducted into the HOF. I thought it was funny how he tried to ride the bench to get a ring. Kobe would never do that.

  • Michael K Roberson

    First of all Tracy…
    Your talent doesn’t even measure up to your cousin Vince Carter lol!!! Of course a lesser talented individual will never clash with the superstar of the team because you would be traded. Shaq & Kobe were both at fault in not getting along. Things Kobe was saying about Shaq should have been a management level conversation behind closed doors but they were scared to approach him & Kobe was fed up. He wanted more rings & got them. How many does Tracy have?

  • brad

    Yall foolin t mac was that guy and probably correct. Kobe is the greatest next to mike but t mac was there. Bad back and yoa injury kept him from rings. Compare t mac career to the likes of grant hill. Injuries just did them in..

  • blacksuperman762

    To all who scoff at McGrady’s comments: can you prove him wrong? Is he lying? And stop bringing Michael Jordan into the convo, please!!!

    • Shaka Saphir

      First off,T-Mack is a damn joke who is just another in a long line of jealous ass ring-less ex-NBA players who in no way possess the overall talent of the
      BlackMomba. If any of you dumbass’s who don’t even live in LA and don’t know shit about the real reason Shaq and the Lakers parted company. The primary feud was between Shaq’s greedy ass wanting more money & the late Dr. Jerry Buss and that didn’t have shit to do with Kobe because he wasn’t the damn owner of the Lakers.

      Secondly,dude who the hell are you to tell anybody to stop bringing up MJ and anybody else’s name in an open forum. If you like nor don’t want to read what others have to say,then hit the damn delete button and shut the fuck up.

      • blacksuperman762

        Whoever you are… calm down…. WHOOSAH… It’s gonna be okay… Kobe, Jordan and all the other athletes you are fighting other people about don’t even know you exist. Your insincere ranting shows me that you are just some troll who likes to talk shit online like you’re actually gonna do something. All the cursing in the world will prove only that you are a sensitive, aloe-vera ass punk who cannot stomach someone else’s opinion. I don;t give two fucks how you feel about anything you internet thug LOL… Why you going off on people who disagree with you, who knows, who cares… I am through with this… I just know I have better things to do with my damn time than to argue over some bullshit article and with bullshit-ass bitches who ain;t shit… KISS MY BLACK ASS SHAKA ZULU