Saturday 09th December 2023,
The Hoop Doctors

Nike #SummerIsSerious Campaign Is Contest To Play Ball On A Team With Kevin Durant Or James Harden

Summer is a great time to run games of basketball outdoors anywhere there is a rim. Nike looks to make your one of your pick up games at the park a lot more exciting by giving you the chance to play in a game on a team with either Kevin Durant or James Harden.

The Nike #SummerIsSerious contest is the opportunity to play in a basketball game in NYC on teams hand-picked by Mr Fear The Beard or The Durantuala themselves.

This video probably gives a much better understanding of the contest & how to go about entering than a paragraphed typed by me about how the #SummerIsSerious campaign is run, I just wanted to get another chance to put #SummerIsSerious somewhere on the page for algorithm purposes.

The submission time for the Nike #SummerIsSerious campaign started July 9th and entries are accepted thru August 2nd. The team drafting will take place August 13th online with the actual game happening in New York City on August 16th.

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