Monday 21st May 2018,
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George Karl Making Up Trade Rumours

Anything in the vicinity of funny comes as a surprise if it involves George Karl.

Karl, he of little patience for rookies, is among the NBA’s most respected leaders. He’s been known to let his “passion” show both on the court and off. His approach, particularly his expression of disappointment, has been criticized by many. In fact, some of his more recognizable former players have been irked in the past by Karl’s loose-lipped approach.

Kenyon Martin went as far as to assert, “If George was such a great coach, then Melo would want to stay. He wouldn’t want to leave.”

On a lighter note, Karl has shown his humorous side every now and then. He was a coach for four all-star weekends. As a result, he’s had to build some sort of rapport with a collection of egos. In his exhuberance and passionate coaching, he’d had to learn to tone it down and actually laugh a little.

As another example of Karl bringing out his lighter side, he’s been trolling NBA media for quite some time now.

“We make up some trade that never was proposed in 100 years and suddenly it’s on ESPN,” [Karl] said, smiling.


In the midst of all the angst, the hieghtened stress among players and coaches aslike, during the weeks leading up to the trade deadline, George Karl has found some humor.

In fact, notice he said “we”. It turns out that Karl would compete with about eleven other coaches in the NBA to see who could get a trade rumor published on ESPN first. How does an ultra competitive NBA coach spend his free time? Why, competitive trolling, of course.

Unfortunately, for both us fans and ESPN reporters, Karl is no longer throwing out bogus rumors.

“He swears he hasn’t spread any trade rumors in “7-8 years,” he said.”

Mohamed Abdihakim is a journalism student at Florida Atlantic University. He is a Phoenix Suns fan, who is not prepared for the possibility of Nash winning a title in a Lakers jersey. Mohamed is also an editor at Hoops Nation and contributes to Les Snobs. Interests include International basketball, Mad Men, and blues music. Nearly all stats are credited to Hoopdata or Basketball-Reference.

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