Friday 19th January 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

THD Podcast Ep. 120: What if the NBA Had a 1-on-1 Tournament?

Yesterday, Kobe stated that he’s the best one on player the NBA has ever seen. So Kevin Burke started thinking…”what if the NBA had a league-wide one on one tournament?” Hmm….

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  • Zac Harmon

    The NBA used to have this and it was GREAT. You used to get a game only on Sunday and the one on one action was shown at halftime. Winners I remember were Jo Jo White, Bob Lanier, Pete Maravich. I always wondered why this stopped and it would be great to get it back. With the 3 point line they could make it like I did for many years, a fast break one on one where on change of possesion you had to take the ball back to the 3 point line then you were good to go. Advantage to players with better conditioning.

    I like, do it.