Thursday 24th May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Jason Kidd Hits Game Winning Three For Knicks To Beat Nets (Video)

Jason Kidd is sort of a good player if you hadn’t heard. He’s only a Hall of Fame lock. That’s all.

There was a time earlier in Kidd’s career where he wasn’t the greatest outside shooter. But like all the greats, he worked on his weakness tirelessly, until one day that weakness became one of his greatest strengths. So for the Nets defense tonight to leave Jason Kidd so wide open from down town on what seemed like a fairly routine offensive set with very little movement is inexcusable. And it cost them the game.

Forget Van Gundy and his flopping theories. No way Kidd was focused on intentionally kicking out his leg in that situation with the presence of mind to focus on hitting the shot. And if he did kick out his leg intentionally and still hit the shot, then well played sir.

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