Monday 19th February 2018,
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Wade Calls Rondo’s Flagrant “A Punk Play”

Last night’s Heat win over the Celtics was heated for a variety of reasons. Obviously the Ray Allen entry for the Heat drew attention due to Garnett’s snub. But it was a pretty physical game all-around between rivals. Dwyane Wade gave Rajon Rondo a couple bumps during the game, but it wasn’t until late in the fourth quarter with the game out of reach that Rondo chose his moment to retaliate and clothesline Wade from behind. You could tell Wade took everything he had to restrain himself from throwing the ball Rondo’s way after the play. Here is what Wade said about the incident and Rondo following the game:

“I got my kids watching so I stopped myself but it was a punk play by him,” said Wade, who had a team-best 29 points in the win. “He clotheslined me.”

Wade hinted he might have a response the next time the teams play on Jan. 27 in Boston.

“I’m here to play basketball, man,” Wade said. “If you want to do something else, then go do something else. Boxing, this is not it. I was glad I was able to stop myself in that very moment and move on from it. We’ll see next time we play.”

(Quote via ESPN)

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  • Papafano

    Seriously?!?! A punk move? There was no malice, no aggresive movement in the foul. His arm was merely draped over Wades arm and he prevented the basket! No more, no less. Was it a flagrant? Yes due to the area where the arm was, but there was no evil intent in the move.. Lets put this in perspective: go to youtube and compare the flagrant foul from Rondo with the infamous moment when Wade broke Bryants nose during the allstar game and honestly ask yourself which of the situations was a “punk move”. Wade grow up and play ball and stop trying to interprit malice where there is none..