Tuesday 18th June 2024,
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Lebanese Basketball Player Scores 113 Points in FIBA Game

This doesn’t appear to be an April Fools joke either folks. According to FIBAasia.net, Mohammad El Akkari of Moutahed scored an incredible 113 points in a Lebanese Division A League Final 8 game. Akkari put in an incredible 32 three-pointers out of 59 attempts, with a 40 for 69 shooting performance from the field.

The kicker…he only had one free-throw! 113 points is hard enough without scoring double digit free throws when the clock is stopped. What a shooting performance.

As per records available, this is first instance of a player scoring more than 100 points in an official game played in any of the leagues in FIBA Asia National Federations.

The only two other instances of more than 100 points in a single game in Asia are when Lou Salvador scored 116 points for the Philippines against China in the 1923 Far Eastern Games and Jeron Teng scored 104 points for Xavier School against Grace Christian College in a High School game in the Philipines.

Probably the strangest part about Akkari going off the way he did with 113 points, was the fact that the 27-year-old guard had a none-too-impressive season with Moutahed averaging a mere 7.6 points per game in the 23 games leading up to the contest Tuesday.

Maybe it truly was an act of the ‘Basketball Gods’?

[H/T Chris Ford at ESPN]

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