Tuesday 22nd May 2018,
The Hoop Doctors

Walton’s Tweets a Playoff Treat

As the old saying goes: Better late than never.

This is what was going through my head moments after I discovered what might be, but likely isn’t, Bill Walton’s Twitter account Saturday afternoon.

To say Walton’s tweets (or someone tweeting what would be Walton’s “tweets if only he knew how to use Twitter”) are both highly amusing and creative would be an understatement. Since discovering Walton’s account, I have found myself checking out his zany tweets before, during and after all of the playoff action.

For a small taste of what I am talking about, check out these personal favorites straight from Walton’s Twitter account:

Walton on Derrick Rose’s performance in game 2 versus Indiana:

When Derrick Rose completes his magnanimous spin move, a kaleidoscopic image of intensely hued beauty enters my mind and invades my dreams.

Walton on Chris Bosh’s improved play in the playoffs thus far:

Tweens around the globe have a new heart throb to idolize as Bosh has shapeshifted like a pretty boy into a menacing werewolf at Twilight.

Walton on the Sixers’ poor first quarter shooting in game 2:

The 76ers shooting display in the 1st quarter just made Brad Stevens extremely proud of his Bulldogs’ effort in the NCAA title game. Awful!

Believe me, there is plenty more where those came from.

As you can see, checking out Walton’s twitter feed is worth a few laughs, especially if you imagine him saying what he has wrote in his distinct, baritone voice.

Joshua Sexton is a lifelong basketball fanatic, who watches as many games as possible. In addition, He has played and coached the game at the high school level. He has recently started writing about the game of basketball.

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