Friday 27th January 2023,
The Hoop Doctors

Michael Jordan “Invincible” Trailer by LK12 Productions

Amateurs who closely border the line of professionalism with their NBA highlight mixtapes on YouTube are all the rage these days, not only on YouTube but also in the basketball blogosphere. In fact we have our own resident YouTube sensation at The Hoop Doctors with the addition of Meir21 to our staff this season. But we still have a deep appreciation for the art of NBA mixtapes, so when we saw this trailer for the LK12 Productions mixtape of Michael Jordan’s career called “Invincible” we had to share it with you. I think you’ll all agree that the full feature when it’s released will be something special that all basketball fans will want to watch. Here’s the LK12 Productions description of “Invincible” and the trailer:

This is the trailer for my huge Michael Jordan project, called “Invincible”. It will be a movie about MJ’s whole career and will include all the highlights of His Airness. I decided to make the mix, after collecting thousands of Jordan clips (500+ min). “Invincible” will be about 10-20 minutes long and it will come out in 2011. I wanted to make something special and I hope you like the idea of the mix too.

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