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Dwight Howard Headbutts Backboard in Monster Rejection of Luol Deng

December 8, 2010 – Allen Moll

To the average fan, getting enough vertical to even think about dunking a basketball is a feat that most of us will never accomplish. Even those of us fortunate enough to have played for our high school or collegiate squads have anywhere near the ups of today’s NBA stars who regularly chin the rim or reach above the white square on block attempts.

One of the most amazing physical specimens playing in the Association today is Dwight Howard, who at nearly 7 feet tall has shown the ability to jam it on an 11 foot rim during the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contests. His Superman dunk during the 2008 competition is something that most other NBA superstar dunkers like Blake Griffin and Andre Iguodala constantly strive to emulate.

In a recent game against the Chicago Bulls, Howard literally annihilates a shot attempt by Bulls forward Luol Deng which was rejected so ferociously that it probably would have done serious bodily harm if it had struck someone. But to make it even more impressive, Howard leaps so high that he hits his head on the bottom of the rim, then the backboard, before serving up the monster rejection.

Check out Howard’s Headbutt:

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