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It’s Melo, Melo, and More Melo in the Newest Jordan Brand Commercial

November 12, 2010 – Allen Moll

Just when you thought that the newest member of the Miami Heat, Lebron James, was the NBA’s most shameless promoter by appearing in endless commercials and even staging his own nauseating prime-time TV special “The Decision” to announce his plans for this season, Carmelo Anthony’s newest commercial comes close. Now that the season is underway, most of the attention is now being centered on whether or not Anthony will finish the season out as a member of the Nuggets or be sent packing in one of the many rumored deals floating around the net.

Melo has overcome some off the court incidents early in his career to not only become one of the chosen few to represent the fabled Jordan Brand but to arguably be ranked among the Top 5 players in the entire league as a lethal offensive force. Many even predicted Anthony’s ascent up the ranks as an elite NBA player  as early as last season, even usuccessfully predicting that he would win his first scoring title as he scores the rock about as easily as any other player outside of OKC’s Kevin Durant.

While Durant ultimately won the scoring crown, Melo remains as one of the league’s outstanding superstars despite all the rumors and speculation swirling around him this season. He is cruising along once again as a Top 10 scorer averaging 24.7 ppg, 7.7 rebs, 3.7 assists and shooting more than .514% from the field as he has reached the 20 point plateau in all 6 games played this season.

As far as the video, Melo is cloned an imeasurable amount of times as Team Melo plays against another Team Melo, who are both coached by Coach Melo, and even commented on by the announcer known as Melo. While it’s definitely entertaining, I don’t know what’s worse when it comes to shameless promotion: Melo Vs. Melo or Lebron asking repeatedly “What Should I Do?”

Check out Team Melo Vs. Team Melo:

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