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Rare Footage of Kobe Bryant in High School Scoring 43 Points

September 27, 2010 – Dr. Dime

We all know Kobe Bryant can get buckets, and he keeps getting better every year. After dropping 80+ in an NBA game his scoring excellence cannot be denied. But how far back does it go? When did he develop that killer instinct to not let up on the gas peddle, or to not take his foot off his opponents neck regardless of the score?

My guess is that it must have pre-dated his high school days as I just watched this very rare footage of the Black Mamba dropping 43 pieces in a high school midnight madness game for Lower Merion High….

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  • Jo Dean

    Oh wow, OK this kinda explains why he is so full of himself.

    • @Jo Dean, you seriously have not witnessed the change in the man’s character, especially since he had to take on the leadership of the team, even if you are not a Kobe fan, you should be able to admit that and recognize his talent, dedication, and passion for the game.

  • Brandon Espinoza

    Raw footage I agree, he just plays so creative. Check out the young Kobe Bryant of high school football in 2010 & Beyond!

  • kim mathenge

    wow even back then he was better then shazzam kazaam o’neal if you want to talk about people who are full of themselfs kazaam and lebron james.

  • kim mathenge

    for that matter most of the basketball players in the nba are full of themselfs or even a retured michael jordan some girl said her jordan. did she have an affair with him.

  • TheOmniscientOne

    Kobe was a flat out stud in high school. Only VC looked better as a HS prospect. All them moves at like 16/17? Damn!!

  • ricky26

    That shows one more time who’s is the best actual player of the league.

  • Full of himself-good point,Jo Dean!Michael Jordan-one and only…