Wednesday 21st February 2018,
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9-Yr Old Basketball Phenom, Dakota Simms

July 6, 2010 – Dr. J-Water

Thanks to a Hoop Docs reader, ‘Jonas’, we have been amazed all weekend by this video footage of a 9-Yr old basketball phenom named Dakota Simms. This kid has tremendous focus, determination, and passion for the sport. Watching the footage you will probably think to yourself, “Damn this kid has more game than some high school ballers I know!”

The Hoop Docs got love for any young baller that puts this kind of energy into improving his game. Dakota shoots over 300 shots per day, and often makes 30-50 threes in only a few minutes! Look out Lebron, in a few years you may be ‘passing the torch’ to a young Dakota Simms….

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  • He truly is an amazing young man and now at 10 years old he is even better and more mature. I help in coaching him, and in the end I think he helps coach me too. Watch him play and reading the alchemist will put things in perspective. Dakota works hard.

    I keep track of the rest of his news articles, videos and such from around the world here. Thanks for posting and I’ve added your site onto the growing list of sites showing this young man some early deserved credit.

    • Jeff

      @Cheyenne Throckmorton, the kid has game, tell him to stay focused. There will be lots of hands in his pockets.

      • @Jeff,

        Thanks for the comments. He has crazy amounts of focus. Thats one of the things I admire and learn from him each day.

        It is definitely a challenge letting him grow up and be a kid and work on his game in peace while there are plenty of people and media outlets always trying to get a story.

        I do my best to stay up on top of his social media presence across the world and really monitor the people that come in and out of our gym, and even the other kids and parents that we train along with Dakota.

        I’ve never claimed to be an expert, just a tall guy with a basketball background that cares a ton about Dakota and his family. I volunteer my time as often as I can 3-4 times a week and its the best part of my week.

        • Jeff

          @Cheyenne Throckmorton, that’s great man. He’s lucky to have you around helping.

  • some jackass

    this is news? seriously?

    • @some jackass, Maybe it should be called olds, since you are right the video was shot last fall. Dakota is now 10 and continues to improve both as a player and a young man.

  • Erril

    What’s this kids GPA?

    I’d find this story more interesting if he had an interest in being a doctor or an engineer.

  • Jamoh

    A boy with a girls name. Interesting.

  • mrhoop503

    I haven’t seen enough video of him in a real game, hard to judge!