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‘KJ Farfan’ The Best Under 5-Yr Old Baller in the World is Back!

June 30, 2010 – Dr. Dime

KJ FarfanSince the last highlight video of KJ Farfan we showed you, he has been featured in his local newspaper twice, sports magazines twice, and been invited to several high profile youth basketball camps. He now plays in an U9 ( under 9 ) & U8 ( under 8 ) league & is on a highly competitive U9 travel team. Since our last feature he’s also proven to be a winner on the court by taking down two more local championships.

On a daily basis this 5-year old phenom plays against kids that are 8,9, and even 10 years old. All of this and he hasn’t even started school yet! He will be starting school in Kindergarten this year. Check out ‘KJ’ on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Jeff

    Cool kid!

  • T Bunz

    Why are his parents, guardians, handlers whatever dressing him like that? A full sleeve arm band? Come on. Call me a hater, call me a cracker; but that sir, is ridiculous for a 5 year old.

  • Greg

    The kid’s a baller, and what do you know? maybe the kid is the one who wants to dress like that.

  • glen

    and THIS is why, America is declining…

  • I’m not liking the rap with swears used to promote a five year old. Come on now! Really?

  • Joe

    What is up with this music? Why does everybody relate rap and basketball.. i had to mute this crap 10 seconds into it.

  • paul

    This is why the terrorists hate us….sad but true

  • craig

    Is there a single highlight where he doesn’t commit rules violations? Who is coaching him to carry, travel, and hold off defenders and why should it be glorified? Anyone notice him taking steps forward shoot free throws? This is a joke.

    • james

      @craig, thank you. agree totally. I guess I could teach my kids to be good to if they were allowed to make those violations too. Learn the game then well see how good you are. And those ref’s are a joke.

      • @james, yea i see the the violations check out this kid his same age young born ready evolution on youtube i think he is better let me know what you think?

  • fail

    so if he is on par with kids 8, 9 or 10 years older than him, then why is he allowed to double dribble or travel? is this street b-ball?

  • Anklesnap

    Easy people, try and remember the kid is 5-years old and hasn’t even started school yet. When you think hard about it you’ll realize this kid playing at this level is pulling off an amazing feat, each and every time he steps on the floor.

    Don’t be haters, appreciate the skill, dedication, and love for the game this kid has.

    Good job KJ….The Hoop Docs got love for you my man….

  • complexity

    He should be a good player in the future. As for the rap music, its not targeted at a 5 year old audience, get over it.

    As for the comment that is the reason the terrorists hate us. If you’re making excuses for terrorists, then I think you have a bigger problem than us. Have you ever thought to yourself that these terrorists are lowlifes that do far worst every day, and you’re trying to comprehend their moral dispositions. I’m not going to blame you, that’s a media subjected view point that I know you weren’t original enough to come up with.

    • paul


      Haha, very true. I did hear that from somewhere. Like most folks on this board, I too found it hard to accept all the traveling and carrying. Sure he’s 5 and waaay better than most 5 year olds will every will be- but its like bowling with the bumpers up and considering yourself decent.

      Get your panties out of a bunch and learn to take a joke dude.

  • sofresh.

    I expected so much more.. hes about as good as the lil 5 year olds that play around here.. I see so much talent in the kids around here… to bad they have a scoring mentality and not a compete game..

    in other words.. im not impressed… just like all the other kids who like to ball here in my hood

  • will someone please call a travel

    • Andy from Beaverton

      Ever since Charles Barkley played, I thought the refs just stopped calling traveling. I think if they strictly enforced traveling, basketball scores would look like soccer scores.

  • Jobo

    Who is teaching these kids defense? Yes they are 9 years old, but really I don’t remember my coach telling me to plant my feet and watch a kid go by me when I was 9.

  • Derek

    WOW. I know the kid travels, but it’s not his fault. It’s also not his fault he’s circulating the internet with his videos.

    For the people hating on the way the kid dresses…worry about your own kids clothing. This is what’s wrong with the world. We’re too damn worried about other people’s business.

  • .shawn

    Looks more like a ball-hog. The only “passes” look like missed shots that fall short, or where he’s run himself out of bounds. Impressive that he is playing against older kids, but overall “Dislike” for being lame.

  • Worthless

    Ugh, already 5 and acting like a typical N. This kid better have a backup plan because he sure isn’t making the NBA.

    Wow, he mad a layup and free throw. No offense, I see kids like this at my local basketball gym. ZZZZZ.

  • Greg

    Um. He’s 5. if you really think he’s not good go find a 5 year old that can beat him. i watched this kid show up to a basketball camp in Miami where my son plays. He was the youngest kid playing with the youngsters, they were all 7 8 or 9 and KJ is 5. Can you guys please just get over yourselves. You’re making fun of a 5 year old.

  • Korey

    Is this for real? Why would anyone try to promote a “5 year basketball phenom”. There is no such thing. If the parents of this kid or whomever is responsible for this, really believes that a college scout would pay any attention to this is a fool! I can almost guarantee there isn’t a 5 year old on the planet w/o exceptional size and maturity that can dominate a 9U “Select” player.

    Let the kid grow up and enjoy basketball for what it is, a game. A 5 year old athlete should never be upheld to such a ridiculous title as “Best in the World”. When KJ grows up and is still passionate about the game, hopefully he has all the gifts and skill worthy of being called the “Best Player in the World” by the rest of us who live in this world.

  • hehehe what a cool kid :))) not the first one that’s presented as basketball kid-phenom in US in recent past but definitly has potential… pray to God to grow to enough height for a basketball player, so we can all enjoy arts of another basketball mastermind in 10-20 years from now :)))

  • pk

    Not that impressed… son was much better than that at 5 years old. Time passes and body’s get bigger, feet larger and so forth. He is developing bad habits by shooting off his back leg. He is good, but let us not put this little guy in such limelight…….how are his grades and attitude? Security guards-please…….. let’s get real and be for real. At this age, alot of kids look good. Again, at 14, my son still has the prettiest shot in all of the world…….now that is real!!!!


    ok i know KJ in realy life… first of all hes five years old have u noticed ur judging a five year ur probably grown men and would probabaly be 50 times better than u r now when hes older so plz just stop hating hes five!

    • loadofcrap

      He is a spoiled little brat! My kid would run him over and make him cry. My kid is three. He wears the latest Jordans and a killer arm sleeve. My 3 yr old already has tatoos and piercings.

  • Peter Doe

    KJ is a beast. Wish him luck in the future.

  • Love watching KJ his are HERO. Boy you can do it….

  • Craig

    Notice how he never passes the ball. Had this child in our league and he never came to practice so he knew none of his teammates and never passed the ball. Is this a team sport or golf?

    • Loadofcrap

      His parents should be ashamed. Every kid he plays against in the future will be gunning for this poor over hyped boy? Arm sleeve? Different expensive shoes in every video? his own logo? Way to put a giant target on his back!! As you can see nobody is impressed with this stunt.