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Top 10 Dunking Point Guards of All-time [Video]

April 5, 2010 – Dr. Anklesnap

Nate Robinson DunkingAlthough NBA TV analyst Eric Snow seems like a super nice guy, and was the type of basketball player every young baller should aspire to be (hardworking, unassuming, gritty, strong defender, facilitator, unselfish, etc.), it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the most exciting NBA analyst in the game today. But if you put your volume down you’ll still get the necessary enjoyment out of watching the following video. It’s the NBA TV picks for the Top 10 Dunking Point Guards. The title is a bit of a misnomer however, I think they mean the Top 10 Dunkers at the Point Guard position. I doubt they meant that Nate Robinson was somehow a better player than Allen Iverson. Regardless, watch the pretty solid run down of the league’s little men with abnormal hops:

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