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Leandro Barbosa Joins The Na’vi People [Video]

Chip February 1, 2010 Blogs 7 Comments
February 1, 2010 – Chip Patterson

Leandro Barbosa may be missing 4-6 weeks recovering from successful wrist surgery, but thanks to that Phoenix Training Staff that can apparently work miracles (remember Shaq?), they have linked up Barbosa with an Avatar.

That’s right, just like Jake Sully on Pandora, Leandro can link himself in to a blue-faced braided hair version of himself.  The Avatar of Barbosa does not appear to be 9 feet tall like the ones on Pandora, but when your version of Pandora is the Phoenix team plane, and your Sigourney Weaver is Jared Dudley, some letdowns are expected.

Thankfully, this priceless video thrown together by Steve Nash contains zero seconds of Michelle Rodriguez.  The actress who made me understand that 3D glasses are actually eye protectors for self inflicted wounds when she is on screen.

For a team that has been suffering a bit of a slide recently, it is good to see that they appear to still have their spirits about them.  Now if they could get an authentic Na’vi in a trade for Amar’e, that would make sense.

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