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One-Handed Basketball Player Gets Division I Scholarship and Takes the Court

October 2, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

The 2009-10 NCAA basketball season is right around the corner and freshman recruits across the nation are on the verge of stepping onto the college courts for the first time. Many of which are playing under scholarships and fulfilling their dreams. One of those players is doing so in November against more odds than you can imagine. The player, Kevin Laue, has only one arm. And no i’m not referring to some sort of ‘special’ college league for handicapped players. I’m talking about the NCAA Division I that every player dreams of playing in as they grow up.

The Globe and Mail had this to say about Kevin Laue today:

Kevin Laue isn’t supposed to be here, standing on the court practising for his first season of Division I basketball in the United States.

Born without a left hand, the 6-foot-11 centre from Pleasanton, Calif., is now a freshman at Manhattan College, having earned a scholarship to play for the Jaspers and a chance to live out the dream of anyone who has been told they couldn’t play a sport they loved because of a physical defect.

When the Jaspers’ season opens Nov. 14, the question will not be whether Mr. Laue can dribble, pass, block, score or rebound, but whether his opponents will underestimate his skills. “It’s to my advantage,” said Mr. Laue, explaining what it’s like to come onto the floor during a game and face his two-handed opponents. “They think they’re going to have an easy game and just whip on some one-handed kid. But I think I’ve surprised a couple people out there.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see the looks on his opponents faces when he rips a board over them, leaves them hung out to dry in the post, or spots up for a made jump shot right in their face. Check out this video clip of Laue playing the game he loves:

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