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Breaking: Allen Iverson to Sign with Charlotte Bobcats

August 22, 2009 – Dr. Anklesnap

There have been a lot of big names changing locations this summer in the NBA. Shaq to Cleveland, Sheed to Boston, Artest to LA. Aside from possibly Kobe Bryant, is there a more globally recognized name among currently active players than Allen Iverson? The man still hasn’t signed for next season, and it’s all anyone following the sport can talk about. You’re on one side of the fence or the other. You either believe he’s still an all-star caliber talent who needs to play in the right system, or you believe he’s a washed up, has been, scorer with an attitude.

Well, it’s no secret that I agree with my colleague Doc J-Water in believing that Allen Iverson is still a valuable asset to an NBA franchise. He puts butts in seats, and the man is less than a full year off being one of the top offensive talents in this league. The man has a lot left to offer.

Our colleagues over at Dime Magazine are reporting they have an NBA source that has confirmed Allen Iverson has finalized and agreed in principle to contract with the Charlotte Bobcats for next season. The details of the contract have not been released, so we are left to speculate. And speculate we will. The word is that the announcement could come as soon as early next week. But we don’t want to jump the gun, so we won’t give you much analysis of the back story until it is announced officially. Some things racing through my mind initially however….

Allen Iverson reuniting with Larry Brown to possibly put in a final chapter to their roller coaster ride of a HOF Coach/Star Player that has defined their relationship. These two have had some rough times together but they’ve also had some amazing times. NBA Finals, MVPs, COYs, and more.

If this deal does go down. How much sweeter could it be for Allen Iverson than to end his career playing for a boss who was once the man he worked so hard to avoid being measured against. Think about it. Allen Iverson playing for Michael Jordan’s team. Remember the now infamous cross-over by a wet behind the ears budding star in Iverson? How about the statements about ‘not wanting to be like Mike’ early on? Has Allen Iverson finally matured to the point where he can help lead this talented Bobcats roster into the playoffs. Will he accept a diminished role? Does he need to? How will Raymond Felton handle the challenge?

So many questions, so little time. I’m hoping this one gets finalized. I’d love to see it play out. Iverson, Jordan, and Brown in Charlotte. Love it.

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  • icedoll

    We need Allen Iverson back here in Philadelphia. The 76ers, as quiet as it is kept is an absolutely failing team period. Allen Iverson would turn this franchise into a mega block buster! All the seats would be filled, all the merchandise would be sold and all the TVs would be tuned to the 76er’s games to witness the style, the dribble, the unique passing, the balls stolen and the crazy cool shots he would make, as he has always done. We want him back period. Philadelphia is where he belongs. We absolutely love him, support him and want him back here. Billie King & Ed Snyder totally disrespected Allen Iverson. He was not allowed to even empty his locker. All the newspapers in Philadelphia did not cover his movements after Allen’s discharge. Nothing, absolutely nothing was reported about Iverson. I saw this as a huge failure in freedom of the press. All the newspapers gave nothing on Iverson. How can that be explained. He was horribly mistreated and I want to know who had that level of power to control all the newspapers. Talk about a black ball, I feel that was so misguided and an absolute abuse of power. The results of this, is empty seats, all of the time. The Philadelphia 76er leadership does not like money period. Now, how ignorant is that? Empty seats? They are fools. Allen Iverson would fill all those seats and re-invigorate this sagging franchise. He would put us back on the map and maybe even lead us to a championship. I was so happy when Billie King was fired. He played a major role in the demise of interest in 76er play. It is almost dead and Billie King killed. To me Billie King was a monster Idiot that was allowed in power way too long, disrepected the will of the people of Philadelphia & Allen Iverson. Billie King mismanaged the team with arrogance and no regard for even the possibility of a championship which Allen Iverson would have played his heart out for. We want Allen Iverson back here in Philadelphia, NOW. My light switches are covered with images of Allen Iv erson. I believe in his skills and talent to play basketball and it is not putting any money in my pocket. But tell me how the leadership of the 76ers can continue to go forward to try to make money with Allen Iverson on board. NOT. The stadium is mostly empty. No Interest period. Hello? Is anybody home out there. Bring Iverson Back, YALL!