Monday 18th December 2017,
The Hoop Doctors

New York Knicks: Knicks City Dancers

If you want to get to know the Knicks City Dancers a little better head on over to their official site for more photos, video, and wallpapers. If you are a good dancer and are also looking for the opportunity to join the team they have application forms right on their site. Don’t miss them in action though as their site has listings for all sorts of appearances and events. For now, enjoy our gallery of the lovely ladies.

Knicks City Dancers 1 of 25

Picture 1 of 25

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  • Pol54

    While on the topic of e-mail, I am finding that students don’t check their e-mail with enough regularity to deal with more urgent matters. ,

  • Susan

    Hello: I am a writer for Cheer Channel which is an independent media group covering all aspects of Cheer and Dance throughout the world. I would like to write a feature on the Big City Dancers for the Cheer Channel which is to launch in January.

    Please have their coach contact me at my email address [email protected]. Thanks

  • ????????

  • KnicksFan

    Definitely head over to see photos of the auditions. They’re seriously hot.

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  • rayees


  • Anonymous

    HI Sexxy Baby

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  • man over board

    They get all their designer accessories at

  • Tancredo smith

    That is very Mind Blowing and fantastic dance being Played by the cheerleader.