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The Hoop Doctors NBA Mock Draft 2009: “The Full Board”

NBA Mock Draft 2009 | Full Mock Draft

May 14, 2009 – Dr. Dime

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These are only my choices and not the consensus picks of all of The Hoop Doctors writers, with that said here is my full first round mock draft based on the draft order and team needs:

Draft Order Team Projection Position Stat Line


Sacramento Kings

Blake Griffin PF 22.7ppg, 14.4rpg, 1.2bpg
When it comes to the number one pick in this year’s NBA Draft there is no point in even discussing the teams ‘needs’. What every team needs is a future franchise player and potential superstar. That player in the draft this year is Blake Griffin. Considering the guy’s athleticism and work ethic he has a chance to be a top ten player in the NBA someday, and is most certainly going to be the fastest player from this year’s class to become an all-star caliber player.
College Team – Oklahoma


Washington Wizards

H.Thabeet C 13.6ppg, 10.8rpg, 4.2bpg
A lot of people are going to think that the second pick is too high to pick the giant Thabeet. I would agree, and that’s why I think the Wizards may try to trade down to the 3rd or 4th pick to take Thabeet. The Wizards have made it clear they are going to give it another shot with Arenas, Butler, and company if they can stay healthy next year. They have always been seeking a defensive presence to anchor the paint and a 7’3″ athletic beast like Thabeet is just the guy to do it.
College Team – UConn


LA Clippers

Ricky Rubio PG 9.8ppg, 5.7apg, 1.9spg
Rubio is the best point guard prospect in this draft. He has eyes on the back of his head and has shown in Euro and World play that he has substance to go with that flash. He’s still young, but his experience playing in Europe should ready him for playing in the league. You might be thinking “the Clips already have Baron Davis at the point”, but then on sober second thought you’ll realize he rarely plays more than half a season. Plus the Clippers have always craved a solid point guard for the future. Remember Livingston?
College Team – N/A (Euro)


OKC Thunder

James Harden SG 20.1ppg, 4.2apg, 5.6rpg
Harden is probably the most well rounded player in this upcoming draft. He’s a stat stuffer, he does it all. The Thunder are starting to put together the youngest yet most talented core in the entire league. With Westbrook at the point, Durant at SF, and Jeff Green at PF, the perfect fit for Harden would be with this young crew of superstars that might take the league by storm in 2-4 years.
College Team – Arizona State


Minnesota Timberwolves

Jordan Hill PF 18.3ppg, 11.0rpg, 1.7bpg
Hill is super athletic, freakish really. A lot of NBA teams drool all over guys with this kind of athleticism and forget about their lack of fundamentals and skills. Sort of reminds me of Tyrus Thomas in that he’s super athletic so teams will be all over his potential and forget about his shortcomings. Hill has limited post moves and often turns the ball over to good defenses. But based on pure potential with his size, strength and speed he’s one of the top picks regardless.
College Team – Arizona


Memphis Grizzlies

Brandon Jennings PG 7.6ppg, 1.6apg, 1.2spg
If I had to pick “the most talented” player in this year’s draft it would far and away be Brandon Jennings. This guy is a pure point guard in every sense. He is one of the most imaginative players, and loves to distribute the rock. Although playing professionally in Europe should give him an advantage at being “NBA Ready”, a lot of teams will question his drive, defense, shot selection, and careless turnovers. Playing in the NBA may just rejuvenate Jennings focus for the game however.
College Team – N/A (Euro)


G.S. Warriors

Tyreke Evans PG/SG 17.1ppg, 3.9apg, 5.4rpg
There is still a lot of uncertainty about Monta Ellis and the Warriors, but with so many talented guards in the draft this year, the Warriors will no doubt be looking at taking Tyreke Evans at the 7 spot. Evans has been a star well known to NBA Scouts since he was still in his early years in High School. Evans can play both the 1 and 2 spots as he has great ball handling ability but is also an excellent scorer. Sometimes criticized for his shoot first mentality, Evans can get to the free throw line at will, and sort of reminds me of a Gilbert Arena’s type guard when he’s on his game.
College Team – Memphis


New York Knicks

Ty Lawson PG 16.6ppg, 6.6apg, 2.1spg
Ty Lawson is a winner. The New York Knicks have been everything but a winner for the last few years. They will undoubtedly want a guy like Lawson who works his ass off, plays solid defense, and can score and pass with the best of them. Not many people will be looking at Lawson in the top ten of their draft, but i’m sure his NCAA Championship will bump his status.
College Team – North Carolina


Toronto Raptors

Stephen Curry SG 28.6ppg, 5.6apg, 2.5spg
Would it be too corny if Stephen Curry played for the Toronto Raptors like his Dad? I doubt it will make a difference, as the Raptors are sure to want a scoring guard of Curry’s caliber. The guy can flat at put the ball in the bucket at will. He’s a great outside shooter, and although his 3pt % dropped a bit this year, he was getting to the line a lot more showing his speed, and played the point more showing his passing abilities.
College Team – Davidson


Milwaukee Bucks

Demar DeRozan SG/SF 13.9ppg, 5.7rpg, 1.5apg
DeRozan finished the year very strong, and shot the ball consistently well all year. He has excellent form and shooting mechanics. Match that with his athleticism and all sorts of NBA clubs will be looking to land this guy past the top ten. His ball handling abilities leave something to be desired, but he’s an adequate defender and rebounder. In the NBA where quality consistent shooters are at a premium, this guy just has too much potential to fall out of the top ten in this year’s draft.
College Team – USC


New Jersey Nets

Gerald Henderson SG 16.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 2.5 apg
The New Jersey Nets have a pretty talented back court already with Devin Harris and Vince Carter, but they really lack depth. If the Nets next year plan to play a bit more uptempo than they have in previous years they will need players like Henderson who can fill the stat sheet in many different ways and get you moving. He has excellent transition game, and good mid-range jumper.
College Team – Duke


Charlotte Bobcats

Jonny Flynn PG 17.4ppg, 6.7apg, 1.4spg
The Charlotte Bobcats need a true facilitator if they are going to play in a Larry Brown system. They need a guy that looks to pass first and score second. Although Brown typically doesn’t give rookies a lot of burn, I think Flynn may be the perfect back-up point guard that Brown could mold into the type of player he needs to run the offense and avoid turnovers.
College Team – Syracuse


Indiana Pacers

Chase Budinger SG 18.0ppg, 6.2rpg, 3.4apg
It’s not often you get a player that can shoot the outside shot, who is a great passer, can handle the ball and play the natural SG position with 6’7″, 220lb frame. Budinger also has a tremendous basketball IQ. He will be effective playing either alongside or backing up Mike Dunleavy in Indiana.
College Team – Arizona


Phoenix Suns

James Johnson SF/PF 15ppg, 8.5rpg, 2.0apg
Since Shawn Marion was dealt the Phoenix Suns have really missed having an athletic player that can score without having to run plays for him, that also can stuff the stat sheet in a variety of other categories. Johnson’s ability to play either the 3 or the 4 will give his eventual team a lot of options for mismatches and he is skilled enough to create his own shot if need be. With the uncertainty around the future of Amare Stoudemire, look for Phoenix to think big and think versatile.
College Team – Wake Forest


Detroit Pistons

Eric Maynor PG 22.4ppg, 6.2apg, 1.7spg
Let’s face it the Detroit Pistons biggest shortcoming is on the offensive end. They lack firepower, and they lack a point guard who can distribute. Eric Maynor can do it all. He is arguably one of the most talented offensive players in the draft this year, putting up big numbers in both scoring and distributing. I highly doubt Pistons fans will see Allen Iverson in the Motor City, so Maynor could be exactly what the doctor ordered.
College Team – VCU


Chicago Bulls

DeJuan Blair PF 15.7ppg,12.3rpg, 1.0bpg
Blair’s stock is rising. He is a hard working player on both ends of the floor and he was a double double machine in College. Generally players like Blair adapt quicker to the NBA game, but are rarely stars in the making. He should make for a serviceable PF in Chicago who lack the front court role players to do the dirty work. He works hard, he’s physical, and he doesn’t require a lot of plays called for him. He’s a coach’s dream.
College Team – Pitt


Philadelphia 76ers

Jeff Teague PG 18.8ppg, 1.9spg, 3.5apg
The 76ers are extremely at the PG spot, with the whole team riding on Andre Miller’s shoulders. After their early exit in the post season this year, some are calling into question Miller’s desire to stay in Philly. Teague may be the perfect fit for the Sixers to start grooming the next point guard talent to man the point.
College Team – Wake Forest


Minnesota Timberwolves (from Heat)

Terrence Williams SF 12.5ppg, 8.6rpg, 5.0apg
Williams is one of the top pure athletes in this draft class. He has amazing combination of size, quickness, and strength. He is a total stat stuffer, and a team guy. Who wouldn’t love playing with this guy? Williams will be a welcome edition to the youth movement in Minnesota and may even become an integral piece to the Wolves turnaround in the post-Garnett era.
College Team – Louisville


Atlanta Hawks

Patrick Mills PG 18.4ppg, 3.9apg, 2.2spg
Atlanta Hawks are one of the rising teams in the strengthening Eastern Conference. What we saw in the playoffs against the Cavaliers though was their inability play defense and take care of the ball. Patrick Mills should be a welcome edition in that department as he was one of the top pick pockets in College Basketball this year, and he is also an excellent ball handler. Look for the Hawks to pick up Mills to shadow an aging Mike Bibby.
College Team – St. Mary’s


Utah Jazz

Damion James PF 15.4ppg, 9.2rpg, 1.0 bpg
Jerry Sloan loves athletic players that are gritty and that can move well without the ball. Damion James fits a “Jerry Sloan” prototype to a ‘T’. He is physical, tough, and energetic, and should be the recipient of plenty of dishes from Deron Williams breaking down the defense off the bounce. He will be a good NBA role player.
College Team – Texas


New Orleans Hornets

BJ Mullens C 8.8ppg, 4.7rpg, 1.1apg
Let’s face it there are concerns about Tyson Chandler’s health or why else would the New Orleans attempt to ship him out have been rescinded. BJ Mullens isn’t the flashiest big man out there, and he certainly doesn’t have the best stat sheet. But you can’t teach size, and at 7’0″ and serviceable, he may just be the guy to fill in for Chandler as injuries have hampered his ability to stay on the court.
College Team – Ohio State


Dallas Mavericks

Gani Lawal SF/PF 15.1ppg, 9.5rpg, 1.5bpg
Lawal is a bit of a 3-4 tweener, but he’s certainly got the athleticism to handle the PF spot. He’s a great rebounder/shot blocker for his size and provided he enters the draft will get strong consideration from Dallas who is lacking big time in that department. Erick Dampier is aging by the second, and his ability to anchor the Maverick defense may be behind him. Look for the Mavs to try and pick up good defensive talent at the 3,4, and/or 5.
College Team – Georgia Tech


Sacramento Kings (from Rockets)

Wayne Ellington SG 15.8ppg, 4.9rpg, 2.7apg
Who doesn’t love a Tarheel right? The Kings will be looking to get more athletic and deeper in the draft as they have some talent, but probably one of the thinnest benches in the league. Ellington looks to be a great guy to back up Kevin Martin and give them some energy off the bench.
College Team – North Carolina


Portland Blazers

Tyler Hansbrough PF 20.7ppg, 8.1rpg, 1.2spg
Everyone is just waiting for this guy to flop at the next level. Personally I just don’t think it’s going to happen. He’s a proven champion and one of the hardest workers on the best team in college basketball. That sort of steady improvement always bodes well for players at the next level. Look for Hansborough to be a target of the Portland Blazers who are strong on the front line but could use a great hustle player off the bench as an insurance policy to the litany of injuries to Greg Oden.
College Team – North Carolina


OKC Thunder (from Spurs)

Sam Young SF 19.2ppg, 6.3rpg, 1.1apg
Young has a great scoring touch, and is killer with the back to the basket position and turn around jump shot. Although Kevin Durant is all the scorer the Thunder could ever need at the SF spot, Young could give them some good perimeter defense when Durant is out of the game. Young may even be able to give them some limited minutes at the two spot if he can extend his range a bit.
College Team – Pitt


Chicago Bulls (from Nuggets)

Patrick Patterson PF 17,9ppg, 9.3rpg, 1.9apg
The Bulls have a backlog of talent in the back court as it is, so they may be looking big even with this late first round from the Nuggets. Patterson should have a good shot at making the team, but I wouldn’t expect him to necessarily crack the rotation for the first year or two. He does however have a decent scoring touch. Pulled name from NBA Draft.
College Team – Kentucky


Memphis Grizzlies (from Magic)

Jrue Holiday PG/SG 8.5ppg, 3.8rpg, 3.7apg
He is rail thin at 6’3″ but when he fills out and improves his defense against more physical opposition he should be a solid player in the league. The Grizzlies have a couple of big stars in the backcourt, but not a lot of depth, so look for Holiday to be a ‘project’ with this pick for the Grizz.
College Team – UCLA


Minnesota Timberwolves (from Celtics)

Taj Gibson PF 14.3ppg, 9.0rpg, 1.3apg
I love Gibson’s talent. I think he is only going to get better as he has great timing as a shot blocker and a tremendous wingspan for his height. He’s an adequate scorer, and hopefully will become a great rebounder with more training at the next level. The TWolves have a pretty strong front court, so there is time for Gibson to develop and give them some spot minutes where necessary.
College Team – USC


LA Lakers

Omri Casspi SF n/a: ppg, rpg, apg
His numbers with Maccabi Tel Aviv aren’t going to tell you a whole lot about this player as his minutes were limited and he is someone you would need to have seen for yourself. He has great energy and loves to score. He’s got the scorer’s mentality. His professional basketball experience should help him adjust to the NBA faster than most. He gives opposition all sorts of matchup problems at the 3 spot. With the three spot about the only position not completely solidified in LA, he may even crack the rotation for some minutes if he lands there.
College Team – n/a


Cleveland Cavaliers

Darren Collison PG 14.4ppg, 4.7apg, 1.6spg
We all have seen how positive Mo Williams has been for the Cavs so they are pretty solid at the point. But clearly Delonte West is a better fit as a scorer at the 2. So where does that leave the Cleveland depth at the point? Collison is a great passer, loves to score, and could be just the guy to back up Mo Williams, even as a rookie. He’s a little suspect defensively as he’s sort of thin, but that can be addressed at the next level.
College Team – UCLA

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