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Everybody Chill; I’m sure Lebron still loves his Momma!

Lebron James, Gloria James, Vince Carter, Michelle Carter

May 16th, 2008 – Dr. Browntorious

“Sit yo a%# down mom!”

After watching the Lebron play that shocked the world a few nights ago in Game 4, where he not so politely told his mom to go sit down after she tried to interfere in on the court tie up with Paul Pierce on a drive to the hoop, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Vince Carter and his mother in some strange way. And by strange way, I mean considering the recent events Vince Carter seems to be a “Bizarro” Lebron James. For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Bizarro” it was made popular in the mid 1990’s on the television show Seinfeld where the characters used the term to describe someone who is the exact opposite of someone they knew. Before I break this thought down any further check out the Lebron James play mentioned from a few nights ago:

Vince Carter and Lebron James. A couple years ago it was quite common to say these names in the same sentence. Some might even say that Vince and Lebron were of a similar high-flying talent, both “half man, half amazing” etc. Fast forward to the present day, Lebron is one of the best players in the NBA Playoffs 2008 and well on his way to a hall of fame career. Bizarro Lebron (Vince Carter) didn’t even make the All Star team in the weak Eastern Conference. Vince has fallen into a state of NBA obscurity, and fast. Apart from the obvious differences in competitive drive, aggressiveness, and toughness, I guess the biggest difference may be their relationships with their mothers. History and many events in the public eye have shown Vince to be a true “momma’s boy”, whereas recent events are portraying Lebron as the real “man of the house.”

Obviously I’m being a bit extreme. In no way am I trying to suggest there is some correlation between how you treat your mother, and how well you play basketball! That would be pretty silly, but its still fun to think about. Vince Carter has fallen so fast from the pedestal many of his fans put him on, it’s almost become a “love to hate him” situation for some.

Back in Carter’s Raptors years, I can remember the Toronto media ripping Vince for his mother’s constant involvement and interference in team matters, and for her repeated attempts to be in the spotlight by speaking for Vince in media interviews. Remember when Charles Oakley famously stated “Vince Carter’s Mom runs that team.” Vince was such a momma’s boy he even negotiated an agreement with the Raptors to ensure his mom had her own very VIP parking spot at the Air Canada Centre and lots of other special treatment. Her involvement with the media got so intense due to her opinions on players, coaches, refs that the Raptors executives had to bring in Vince for a meeting to discuss the situation. Vince didn’t manage the situation very effectively. He certainly didn’t nip the situation in the bud like Lebron did a few days ago. Carter never stood up for himself or told his mom to step off. He just continued to let her make a fool out of herself and him publicly.

When discussing the recent incident with Lebron and his mother, some of my boyz have said that when it happened live, at first they thought Lebron’s mom was some sort of crazed groupie fan rushing the scene. Why did they think this? Maybe because she looks a little young to be Lebron’s mother (pregnant at 15, she had Lebron at the age of 16). Since his father was not around during his childhood, Lebron has most likely been the ‘man of the house’ since a young age. I’m glad Lebron responded to the Pierce situation in Game 4 the way he did. Why? Because although the media has been giving him a bit of a hard time since the incident, it would have been a lot worse if he did nothing and was being pegged as a “momma’s boy.”

Don’t believe me? Ask “Bizarro” Lebron James.

The real Lebron however was rightfully assertive in telling his mother to go sit down, not only to avoid being the center of media controversy, but more importantly to ensure her safety incase some sort of melee erupted. I understand that you need to have respect for your parents (I love you Momma!) but I respect and agree with the way Lebron handled the situation. Put yourself in the same situation: its the conference semi-finals, you’re down 2-1, the game is starting to get intense on one of the biggest stages of your profession, the NBA Playoffs, and then your mother jumps up and tries to get in the middle of an on the court altercation with an opposing player? Are you kidding me?

What if a fight did happen to break out there? What if Gloria James got accidentally knocked down? Lebron James would have to stand by his mom and knock some people out, right? Lebron would be saying goodbye to the playoffs, just ask Stu Jackson. So yes, Lebron was right to tell his mother to “sit yo a** down.”

What are your thoughts? Do you believe Lebron was correct in his actions? Do you believe he should have been more polite as some critics have said, and been like “Mom could you please return to your seat?”

I guess King James, truly is the King of his Castle.

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