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Celtics may want to muzzle the Garden Fans; Don’t Wake the Sleeping Giant!

Lebron James - Celtics Fans

May 9th, 2008 – Dr. J-Water

I will always encourage NBA fans across the nation to cheer for their favorite team like rabid wild animals during the playoffs. Isn’t that what it’s all about? We wait all year long for this moment, NBA PLAYOFFS. Let’s get nuts!!

Now with that said, can NBA fans actually have a negative effect on their team?

Definitely. By the way, I’m not referring to the obvious case of the melee at the Palace of Auburn Hills a few years ago involving a number of Piston and Pacer players and fans, centered around Ron Artest. What I am referring to is last nights chants of “ov-er-ra-ted” from the fans at the Boston Garden, directed at Lebron James. Why can’t you just cheer for your team and be content that the Celts were completely dominating the under matched Cavaliers? As fans, why can’t you be happy that Lebron James once again couldn’t hit a shot or lay-up to save his life, going 6 for 24 in Game 2 and forcing shot after shot?

Careful now Celtics fans. Here is the only warning I will give. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security believing that all of Lebron’s poor play was somehow forced by a divine and incredible defense from the Celtics. Don’t think that the Celtics have somehow solved one of the most complex equations of the last half decade, that being how to stop the L-Train. Lebron’s misses may be partly attributed to the Celtics, but trust me Lebron will start making those lay-ups. Lebron’s jumper will start flowing like water. Then what? Did you just wake the sleeping giant? If you’re not sure, just ask the Washington Wizards how well that abrasive and cocky attitude worked out for them against Lebron. Granted, the Celtics have a whole lot more talent to back you up. But if there is one lesson you should have learned from the Cavs-Pistons series in last years playoffs, it’s that Lebron can dominate even the best defenses all by himself if he gets in the zone.

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Celtics fans have a lot to learn about trash talking. For pointers you may want to watch one of the best, Kevin Garnett. KG talks trash to his defender, to other opposing players, to coaches, to refs, even to himself. But if you watch really really closely, there is one player KG doesn’t talk trash to….that’s Lebron James. KG is smart enough to know what Lebron is capable of. KG is smart enough to know it would make no sense to give Lebron any extra motivation to take his game up a notch. Right now Lebron is probably second guessing himself, he’s probably wondering if the Celtics have his number. You don’t want to say something that will snap one of the greatest players this league has ever seen, out of this funk he’s been in during this series.

Or maybe it’s too late. You may have already awoken the sleeping giant.

Don’t be surprised to see Lebron James come out in Game 3 at home with a chip on his shoulder. And when King James drops 40pts, 10 boards and 12 assists on your precious Celtics will you still be chanting “ov-er-ra-ted”? Doubt it.

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